Mastering the Job Interview - 5 Tips to Make Yourself Irresistible to the Interviewer

Written by Brendon Turner

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This is not to say that you need to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe. Go for quality over quantity. One or two well-chosen business suits will serve you allrepparttar way torepparttar 146130 first day onrepparttar 146131 job and beyond. Then, when you are making some money (and have a chance to see whatrepparttar 146132 standard "uniform" is forrepparttar 146133 company), you can begin to round out your wardrobe. For now, no one will fault you for wearingrepparttar 146134 same sharp outfit each time you interview. If you desire some variety within a limited budget, you might consider varying your shirt/blouse/tie/accessories as a simple way to change your look without breaking your wallet.

5. Leave a lasting impression.

There are two simple steps you can take to make a lasting impression after your interview and greatly increase your odds of success.

The first is to callrepparttar 146135 interviewer to thank them for their time. If possible, you may want to add additional information which was not discussed inrepparttar 146136 interview. An example would be: "I understand from speaking withrepparttar 146137 receptionist that Microsoft Office is your corporate software standard. I just wanted to mention that I'm also fully proficient in each ofrepparttar 146138 tools inrepparttar 146139 Office suite." This phone call should ideally take placerepparttar 146140 same day. If you are unable to reachrepparttar 146141 interviewer directly, leave a voicemail message.

The second activity is to immediately writerepparttar 146142 interviewer a short note, thanking them for their time and reemphasizing your interest inrepparttar 146143 position. Then do your best to get it to them as quickly as possible. E-mail it, fax it, hand deliver it, messenger it, use overnight mail, whatever. But be sure they have it beforerepparttar 146144 end ofrepparttar 146145 following day. Ideally, you want to get it in their hands byrepparttar 146146 end ofrepparttar 146147 day ofrepparttar 146148 interview or first thingrepparttar 146149 following morning. Why? Becauserepparttar 146150 quicker your letter arrives,repparttar 146151 greaterrepparttar 146152 likelihood of affecting a positive impact. A thank you note provides an opportunity to thankrepparttar 146153 interviewer for his or her time, and one last chance to express interest inrepparttar 146154 position and reinforce why you arerepparttar 146155 right person for it.

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Written by Stephen Richards

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Why take them? Because if this is a small or badly organised company they may have mislaid them, being able to offer a copy will allow them to getrepparttar most out ofrepparttar 145943 interview and for you to look professional in your approach.

This is only a suggestion and will not usually be required, so why take anything?

You will have to decide, if you are going to take anything in torepparttar 145944 interview, but as you can see fromrepparttar 145945 examples above, there is little point in taking anything. As someone trained in interview technique I can tell you that it is noticeable when a potential employee arrives with a brief case and never has to open it in an interview. In fact it has been suggested that there are sandwiches and a flask in there in caserepparttar 145946 applicant got stuck in a lift!

* Avoid a poor greeting. This is a big subject and related to Body Language (details below).

When you greet someone you should ensure that you dorepparttar 145947 following things:

1) Lookrepparttar 145948 person inrepparttar 145949 eye. 2) Smile at them. 3) Shake their hand. 4) Make sure you introduce yourself and rememberrepparttar 145950 name they provide you with in return. 5) When you are offered a seat, if possible let your interviewer take their seat first.

* Poor Body Language/Nervous Mannerisms. Body Language is a big subject but it is worth reading about. I can't coverrepparttar 145951 subject here but visit and have a look at our current recommendations.

* Focus The rest ofrepparttar 145952 interview is a case of presenting a positive image of yourself and everything you have done in your working life.

Avoid speaking in a negative way about previous employers to your prospective new employers. After all, if you speak negatively of one employer what is going throughrepparttar 145953 mind of your possible new employer?

An interview should be a friendly conversation about work experience, a poor interviewer will sometimes believe that showing you around is an interview, it's not.

If you are faced with this sort of interview, takerepparttar 145954 opportunity to point out your familiarity withrepparttar 145955 environment by relating it to your past work experience.

For example, if you are shown a piece of software that this company uses and your previous company used a similar but not identical package, then you should discuss it briefly and explain how familiar you are with this sort of software.

* Closingrepparttar 145956 deal Atrepparttar 145957 end ofrepparttar 145958 interview, take time to thankrepparttar 145959 interviewer for their time, tell them how interested you are in their company and tell them you will look forward to hearing from them.

Again, keep eye contact and smile, while you are doing this, shake hands and leave. Remember that until you are out of sight ofrepparttar 145960 building you could be watched and therefore you are under scrutiny.

Good luck, I'm sure thatrepparttar 145961 job is yours already,repparttar 145962 company just doesn't know it yet!

Leaving the Royal Air Force, Steve worked for a Charity helping the unemployed to find work. Within a few months the two programs he ran were top of the counties league table. Head hunted, Steve lead 7 similar programs, within 6 months they were all in the top 10 - including the number one spot.

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