Massage Reduces Headache Frequency

Written by Saman Baghestani

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The pressure was maintained untilrepparttar referral pain ceased, or for a maximum of two minutes, then slowly eased to produce a vascular flushing. In a typical session, six active trigger points were treated, andrepparttar 150296 procedure was repeated three-to-five times on each point.

Every night before bed participants completed a headache diary form, recording number of headaches, intensity of most severe headache, and duration of longest headache.

Each subject experienced a reduction in headaches withinrepparttar 150297 first week of massage treatment, andrepparttar 150298 mean number of headaches per week was significantly reduced from 6.8 to 2 duringrepparttar 150299 four weeks of massage.

"Because our therapeutic massage protocol specifically addressed trigger-point activity, we believe thatrepparttar 150300 reduction in activity of these regions by massage was a major contributor torepparttar 150301 observed beneficial effects on tension headache," staterepparttar 150302 study's authors.

Although duration of headache decreased for all four subjects,repparttar 150303 decrease was not statistically significant, and there was no significant change in headache intensity.

"The findings suggest that a larger, more complete study that includes a proper control group is warranted," staterepparttar 150304 study's authors.

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*Source: Boulder College of Massage Therapy. Authors: Christopher Quinn, Clint Chandler and Albert Moraska, Ph.D. Originally published in American Journal of Public Health, October 2002, Vol. 92, No. 10, pp. 1,657-1,661.

NMT: Trigger Point Therapy and What to Look for in a T Bar

Written by Saman Baghestani

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Fit or not,repparttar body stores tension deep withinrepparttar 150295 muscle tissue, and t bar massage tools have beenrepparttar 150296 answer for so many massage therapists to this day, that massage schools all acrossrepparttar 150297 globe require their students to learnrepparttar 150298 ways ofrepparttar 150299 perpindicular shaped massage tool and trigger point therapy as a whole.

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Ask your family doctor or chiropracter about trigger point therapy and massage therapy in general as an alternative or supplemental level of therapy for any muscle related fatigue or stiffness. Having frequent headaches? NMT, might be just whatrepparttar 150300 doctor ordered!

Give it a shot, I promiserepparttar 150301 t bar is your friend and will always be a mainstay atrepparttar 150302 therapists office.

Content of this resource was created in part by Dr. Beiouk Mansouri, heart surgeon, and Brian Greninger, polymer engineer. Article composed and submitted by Saman Baghestani, the digital translator.Visit and learn about more ways to relax and lose stress with superior massage tools and massage therapy tips..

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