Masculine Energy versus Feminine Energy

Written by Skye Thomas

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Perhapsrepparttar deity in charge is better than us and is a perfect blend of all energies, masculine and feminine. Perhaps it doesn't require an immature split of energies and a need to blamerepparttar 122304 other forrepparttar 122305 state of things. Perhaps 'god' is more grown up than that and understands that we all have free will to screw things up or fix them however we choose. Perhapsrepparttar 122306 'goddess' is waiting for us all to figure out how to play nice together.

If we are completely honest, we have no proof whatsoever that there is a male god or a female goddess. We have no proof that there is a husband and wife team either. And atheists have no proof that there is no higher power in charge either. None of us can prove anything other thanrepparttar 122307 history of our belief systems and even that we screw up and argue over them. All we have are millions of miracles that have happened inrepparttar 122308 name of every deity ever known to mankind and we have a lot of stories passed down throughrepparttar 122309 generations. Other than that, we don't know squat about who or what god is. It's beyond us and probably ought to stay that way. I suspectrepparttar 122310 answers to god andrepparttar 122311 heavens is hidden inrepparttar 122312 answers to who we are and why we are here. Until we know for sure that we are absolutely positively right, we have no business fighting. I believe that when we do find out for sure what is going on, that we won't need to fight over all ofrepparttar 122313 'what if?'s anymore.

I for one, refuse to blamerepparttar 122314 men for where we are at this point in history. For every story of a rape, there is a story of a woman taking a man's children from him. For every story of a man treating a woman like she is stupid, there's a gold digger proving that women are just as vicious and deceitful. For every Dali Lama, there is a Mother Theresa. For every Gandhi, there is a Joan of Arc. Gender does not make you more or less spiritual. You make yourself spiritual.

There is nothing holy about a holy war and there is nothing spiritual about blaming one gender over another forrepparttar 122315 problems we face. It takes both genders to create life and it takes both genders to make it holy and sacred. The solution is in taking a 'we' and 'us' type of an approach. We screwed our planet up. We created this dynamic and we have to fix it. All of us need to work together, regardless of gender and regardless of whichever form of godlike energy we have chosen to favor. The root of every religion is that god is love. So, love one another.

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Skye Thomas began writing books and articles with an everyday practical approach to life in 1999 after twenty years of studying spirituality, metaphysics, astrology, personal growth, motivation, and parenting. After years of high heels and business clothes, she is currently enjoying working from home in her pajamas. Go to to read more of her articles and to get a free preview of one of her books.

Searching for The Meaning of Life

Written by Halina Goldstein

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At times you meet someone on your way who looks like he's found it. And he tells you how, and you followrepparttar directions, and it feels fine - but still, it's like it doesn't lead you to repparttar 122303 same place as it has led him.

So you keep on searching. Sometimes you really enjoy this quest. Sometimes it drives you crazy. Sometimes you feel hopeless. Sometimes you feel inspired.

Maybe one day you find it. Somehow. Somewhere. Maybe it is exactly where you were told it will be. Maybe it is exactly how you imagined it to be.

But then, maybe, just maybe, after you've been searching like that for a long, long time, one day you wake up understanding that by now you know every inch of this town. There are no more places you can search. But it's OK.

In fact, you love every street you walked, and every house you've seen, and you care about every person you've met. As a matter of fact... Suddenly you realize that you are home already, and it's not a particular house or street, it'srepparttar 122304 town itself that's your home. And home feels good...

Maybe I see you there? :-))



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Beginning in 1955 in Germany, Halina's journey led her to Denmark, creating connections to countries on most continents. She has tasted many different walks in life. From computer programmer to musician and teacher. From complete independency to dedicated marriage. From big city to a village. From much suffering to much happiness. Her main focus today is life's adventure, as in her website:

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