Mary's Dream: A True Life Story

Written by Arthur Zulu

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“How do you know, Johnny?” asksrepparttar rich man.

“Upon mi life, killed by robbers, mi Lord.’’ So they argue back and forth. But after they have gone a good distance, Lord Godsend asks to be driven back to confirm who is right. But Johnny didn’t want to hear and promptsrepparttar 105575 horse to ride on. “By heavens she must be smelling mi Lord.”

Mary had woken up now. She finishes her writing, reads it and signs her name. She quickly eats her last food, drinksrepparttar 105576 mixture, and lies down waiting to die.


“Exactly what I said, mi Lord,” said Johnny showing Lord Godsendrepparttar 105577 empty bottle of arsenic when they finally get there. “Poisoned herself to death. By my horse shoe, a bad girl.”

Lord Godsend picksrepparttar 105578 suicide note and reads: “I drank poison and died. Because thieves stolerepparttar 105579 money that I wanted to use to buy a Bible. Weep not for me, dear mom and dad. We will meet again—Mary Jones.”

Lord Godsend is angry. Who must have soldrepparttar 105580 poison that killed this girl? He looks atrepparttar 105581 poison bottle and readsrepparttar 105582 address label: ARSENIC. DR. HADES. 13 BALA ROAD, UPTOWN. He gets intorepparttar 105583 carriage at once and rides away to getrepparttar 105584 cops to arrest Dr. Hades. When they get there, however,repparttar 105585 apothecary begin to swear and say that he never sold her arsenic but a sleeping mixture, which he put in an arsenic container and even gave her backrepparttar 105586 money to buy food since he thought that she needed food and a good sleep.

Butrepparttar 105587 cops and allrepparttar 105588 country folks who gather there that morning will not believe Dr. Hades.

“Do you think Johnny thatrepparttar 105589 girl is sleeping or dead?” asks Lord Godsend.

“Uponrepparttar 105590 wheels of this carriage, she is as dead as a rock. If otherwise, I will drink arsenic and join my ancestors,” he replies. And to proverepparttar 105591 pointrepparttar 105592 police decide to first visitrepparttar 105593 scene, before takingrepparttar 105594 apothecary to jail.


Mary wakes up. What is this? she asks. Had she not taken poison to die? She looks around but she could find neitherrepparttar 105595 arsenic bottle, norrepparttar 105596 suicide note. Only her empty basket. This must be a bad dream she thinks. She now gets up and is confronted by a crowd led byrepparttar 105597 police and a rich man in a horse-drawn carriage. She thinks of running. But where can a girl who is weak, hungry and cold run to? The people also stand momentarily; thinking that it is an apparition.

But it is Dr. Hades that seizesrepparttar 105598 initiative and exclaims: “See! She was only sleeping, not dead.” Then things are explained. Lord Godsend takes her to an inn where he gives her food to eat and fills her basket with provisions. He also gives her some money to buyrepparttar 105599 Bible. Mary, full of thanks torepparttar 105600 kind man, continues to walkrepparttar 105601 remaining 7 kilometers to Bala. Andrepparttar 105602 people wonder atrepparttar 105603 courage of this little girl who is walking 40 kilometers to buy a Bible.

After that, they joke whether Johnny would take arsenic and die as he swore, for that is what honorable men do. But Johnny is not a man of honor. “Inrepparttar 105604 name of allrepparttar 105605 saints,” he swears again, “I knew not when I said so.” And they just laugh and call him Johnnyrepparttar 105606 joker.


It was Sunday noon when Mary enteredrepparttar 105607 church premises. The church service had just ended andrepparttar 105608 worshipers were stepping out ofrepparttar 105609 church. Then she asksrepparttar 105610 first people that she meets whererepparttar 105611 Bible copies were sold. One callsrepparttar 105612 other and soon everyone gather and look at her as if she was a space alien.

It was not that she was bare footed and poorly dressed. The fact was that allrepparttar 105613 Bibles had sold out yesterday. Andrepparttar 105614 money that she was having could not even buy one, even if it was available. Double trouble for Mary!

Because ofrepparttar 105615 chaos that Saturday,repparttar 105616 Reverend Father himself soldrepparttar 105617 Bibles. He first took his special personal copy that was sent to him byrepparttar 105618 pope. That copy was printed in different colors in both Welsh and English. It also has cross references and a Bible index. The title cover itself was printed in letters of gold andrepparttar 105619 whole Bible was zipped in a golden case. It was such a beautiful Bible that people were busy looking at it whenrepparttar 105620 common Bibles sold out.

Those who did not get copies ofrepparttar 105621 Bible were many—some families joined to buy one. In fact, two churchmen fought over ownership ofrepparttar 105622 last copy, tearing it into two parts. Inrepparttar 105623 end, both sharedrepparttar 105624 cost and by a toss ofrepparttar 105625 coin, one tookrepparttar 105626 Old Testament whilerepparttar 105627 other hadrepparttar 105628 New Testament. That was why they looked at Mary in wonderment, and when they explained to her, she collapsed and wept.

Now, Rev. Goodman looks throughrepparttar 105629 church window and wonders what is amiss. So he takes his winter coat and walks out, his golden Bible in hand. After listening to Mary’s story,repparttar 105630 Reverend first dries her tears and kisses her. Then he slips his sandals under her feet, takes off his winter coat and puts it on Mary. Third he gives her his golden Bible in Welsh and English and which was printed in many colors with these words: “Read it carefully, study it diligently, treasure uprepparttar 105631 sacred words in your memory, and act up to its teaching.” And he finally blesses her and tells her to userepparttar 105632 money which Lord Godsend gave her to pay for a ride home. Mary’s eyes shine,repparttar 105633 church people are speechless.


It was big news when Mary reached Llanfiangel on a horse-drawn carriage wearing a winter coat, a pair of sandals, and, wait a moment—a golden Bible! Everyone flocks to seerepparttar 105634 Bible and her poor parents are overjoyed.

Years later, this story was told atrepparttar 105635 Committee ofrepparttar 105636 Religious Tract Society of London. The result was that a decision was made to supply Bible translations torepparttar 105637 people of Wales andrepparttar 105638 whole world. So if you own a Bible today, rememberrepparttar 105639 sacrifice of a sixteen-year old girl from a remote village in Wales whose dream came true.

May your dream come true!


ARTHUR ZULU is an editor, book reviewer, and author of Chasing Shadows! and How to Write a Best-seller. For his works and free helps for writers, goto: mailto: Web search: Arthur Zulu

Arthur Zulu is an editor, book reviewer, and published author.

The Fine Line Between Strategy And Luck: Pro Battleship Tour

Written by Dusty Applegate

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Texas Slim graduated fromrepparttar A1, A3/G1, G3 School of calling a game. Sometimes it's served him well. Other times it has not.

"I've been humiliated as a man, sure," Texas Slim said. "But that comes withrepparttar 105574 territory. Battleship teaches you how to be a better man."

When you go "nothing but white" in Pro Battleship, which means you place nothing but white pegs onrepparttar 105575 opponents' board for at least five rounds, it can become very frustrating.

"You feel like a sissy cream puff, maybe even a chicken-hearted fool or pessimistic imp," said James "The Fat Blacksmith" Sheppard III. "Some guys never get over it. I've seen their tour careers ruined."

Pro Battleship can be rough, butrepparttar 105576 rewards can be amazing. Scrupulous Kentucky Lou has won more than $10.45 in career earnings. Infomercial James averages about $1.10 every 6-8 weeks.

"Some people think we're crazy," Infomercial James said. "Well if that be so, then so be it."

Dusty Applegate has written about Professional Battleship for many, many, many weeks - perhaps a couple of months or so. He is the author of three books: "Why Am I So Fat? Oh, It's Because I Eat a Lot of Crap and Sit Around All Day Long", "Confessions of a Fatso Donut Lover of Fat Foods" and "Hey Fatty: Get Out of My Face." You can read his Battleship stories at

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