Martinsville, Indiana, Lunch Is Easy With Maracas Fast & Fresh Food Authentic Mexican Cuisine

Written by Melody Schubert

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With up to 40 different tasty selections on Maracas lunch menu it is a snap to spice up your lunch. The Appetizers are great for sharing with family or a group of friends or as a meal. Choices include The Vegetarian Appetizer, our favorite;repparttar Nachos with a selection of filling, Jalapeno Poppers, and a Guacamole Salad. A La Carte items are also a festive way to try something new from South ofrepparttar 140700 Border.

Casual Dining At Affordable Prices For an evening out Maracas offers a mixed menu of favorite Mexican selections. Among my favorite arerepparttar 140701 Julio Special served with a plate of cheese nachos topped with a choice of steak or chicken strips, cooked with onions, bell peppers and tomatoes. The Enchiladas Super Rancheras is a feast consisting of five different enchiladas. The tempting sensation includes a beef, chicken, shredded beef, bean, and cheese enchiladas topped with lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream, and Maracas special Ranchero sauce.

Maracas is also famous for their marvelous, thirst quenching, giant margaritas. They also have a wide selection of domestic and Mexican beers on their menu and a nice selection of wine to go with your meal.

A Feast For Maracas Little Amigos The Kids Menu at Maracas is filled with American favorites like Hamburgers, Chicken Fingers, and Hot Dogs; all served with Fries. Amongrepparttar 140702 fresh Mexican selections for kids include Enchilada with rice and beans, Tacos, and Burritos.

To top off a meal with Dessert at Maracas. They have traditional Desserts like homemade deep fried ice cream, Sopapillas; fried flour tortillas with honey and butter, Flan, a wonderful Mexican custard or try a slice of Maracas cheesecake.

Maracas has a family friendly atmosphere where everyone is welcome to experience a taste of old Mexico. Maracas Restaurante Mexicano is located at 1010 Morton Avenue onrepparttar 140703 39 By Pass in Martinsville, Indiana. For dining options and carryout orders call 765-352-1366.

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Traveling in Mexico City: The Ins & Outs of Getting Around

Written by Jean Sutherland

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Traveling in Mexico City, By Bus

The bus system in Mexico City is used extensively by locals and travelers torepparttar area. It is often crowded, and pickpockets are an issue. Never show a wallet onrepparttar 140699 bus, and make sure to carry change with you if you plan on using this method of transportation.

When boardingrepparttar 140700 bus, tellrepparttar 140701 driver where you plan on going, andrepparttar 140702 driver will tell yourepparttar 140703 fare. Sometimes bus stops will have signs above them, telling you where you are; many times, youíll know itís a stop only because there are people waiting byrepparttar 140704 side ofrepparttar 140705 road. Buses are rarely on time in Mexico City; if you plan on traveling later inrepparttar 140706 day or at night, alternate methods of transportation are recommended.

Traveling in Mexico City, By Car

Driving through Mexico Cityís streets, especially forrepparttar 140707 traveler, can be a harrowing experience. One way streets abound, and rush hour is like nothing youíve ever seen before. Millions of people, literally, are sharingrepparttar 140708 road with you.

Renting a car is possible in Mexico City, but poses different risks forrepparttar 140709 out of town traveler. Driving on Mexico City roads is not only dangerous because ofrepparttar 140710 lack of skill used for travelers (many get their license not by taking a test, but by paying someone off), but treacherous because ofrepparttar 140711 unusual and poorly maintained roads.

Another option is to hire a taxi, or limousine, to chauffeur you around. Askrepparttar 140712 travel hotel you are staying at in Mexico City for recommendations, or forrepparttar 140713 closest cab stand (sitio).

Jean Sutherland is the owner of the informative website & She has worked in the travel industry for over 10 years. She also lived in Mexico for 3 years.

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