Marriage or Divorce — Check Your Social Security Number

Written by Richard A. Chapo

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Similarly, after a divorce, a woman who had taken her husband’s name and had made that change known torepparttar SSA should contactrepparttar 148243 SSA if she reassumes a previous name. Failure to take this action can lead to audits. Can you imagine going through an audit with your former spouse?

It's easy to informrepparttar 148244 SSA of a name change by filing Form SS-5 at a local SSA office. It usually takes two weeks to haverepparttar 148245 change verified. The form is available onrepparttar 148246 agency's Web site,, by calling toll free 1-800-772-1213 and at local offices. The SSA Web site providesrepparttar 148247 addresses of local offices.

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Wedding Favors Personalized….Fun n games!

Written by Randy Wilson

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    Personalized wedding favors could be given that extra touch by having your names, date ofrepparttar wedding and complimentary message printed on them. They render a sense of special feeling on your wedding as you make your loving presence felt in buffet items and wedding cutlery sets. You can have your names printed onrepparttar 147934 personalized wedding favor like a picture frame or a champagne bottle which you give your guests. Your guests and friends will love personalized wedding favors which are a reflection of your spouse's and your personality.

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