Marriage and U.S. Citizenship

Written by T.Going

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A spouse of a legal permanent resident ofrepparttar U.S. can apply for a green card, butrepparttar 147381 waiting period is much longer and in addition,repparttar 147382 spouse is subject to annual quotas. One ofrepparttar 147383 primary sources of investigation isrepparttar 147384 nation of origin.

If your application for citizenship takes longer than expected don’t worry. Immigration is a very time consuming process and many times you are treated as a number and not an individual. By consulting an experienced immigration lawyer you can make your case stand out. Contact an experienced immigration lawyer today!

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Guidant Corporation Recalls Heart Defibrillators

Written by Lisa Shrefler

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Reports indicated that at least 45 failures have occurred leading to at least two deaths as recently as May 2005.

Guidant said patients implanted with those devices should continue to see their doctors at three-month intervals and any patient who recently received a defibrillator shock should consult with their physician.

“Patient safety is paramount and our highest priority," Guidant CEO Ronald W. Dollens said in a statement. "Guidant takes seriously its responsibility to createrepparttar most reliable products and services, enhance patient outcome and limit adverse events to patients." They also stated that they will continue to sellrepparttar 147284 original Prizm 2 DR heart defibrillator even though a potential flaw prompted a redesign.

In April 2005, Guidant shareholders had approved acquisition of Guidant by Johnson & Johnson. Reports indicate that merger will still happen sometime this year.

If you or a loved one is currently using one of the recalled heart defibrillators, you may have a liability claim against Guidant Corporation. Please e-mail or call Jacoby & Meyers for an experienced defective product attorney at 1-888-JACOBY-1.

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