Marriage Missing its Spark?

Written by Slade Hartwell

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Try reading your spouse an erotic bedtime story. Let it be spontaneous. Donít let them know itís a sexy story before you begin, maybe even disguiserepparttar book with a different cover. This can be an easy way to get your spouse to try something new. If they hear it inrepparttar 122064 story, then it might be their idea to try it. Most people of either sex find erotic stories to be very arousing.

Bring a video camera intorepparttar 122065 bedroom. Be careful, but have fun. Actually itísrepparttar 122066 element of danger andrepparttar 122067 sense of voyeurism that makes this exciting.

Buy a sexy little costume to surprise your spouse with. Ladies, men always have and always will loverepparttar 122068 sexy French maid outfit. Men, never let your wives see you in a dingy pair of tighty-whities.

Write notes to your spouse. Hide a romantic message in a briefcase or handbag. In fact, itís little romantic gestures that help layrepparttar 122069 groundwork for romance building. Let your partner know that they excite you. They will be excited knowing that youíre excited. Send flowers for no special occasion, just to delightrepparttar 122070 love of your life.

The key is just making a small effort. Changing things up for excitement, and making little romantic gestures. When your spouse sees you making an effort to bring backrepparttar 122071 passion, they will make one right along with you.

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Lessons About Marriage Learnt From Riding A Bike

Written by Conrad L.Jones

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I'll berepparttar first to tell you, watching what Tom and Betsie do, and trying to act out this same thing between you and your mate, will only increase problems in your marriage relationship. Why? simply because you are trying to measure your marriage by someone else's standard. You have a totally different man/women in your life, create your own standards by learning what you both want in your marriage, then work by those standards. If you don't do this, get ready for a long, troublesome, frustrating journey.

Pedaling & Balance

In riding a bike, you need to learn balance to stay upright, and you need to pedal to move foward inrepparttar 122063 direction you wish to go. When these two work together,repparttar 122064 result is a great breathtaking ride.

In marriage relationships, you also need forward, positive momentum, and balance. The wonderful things you do that pleases each other, builds passion and increases attraction (momentum), while learning more about each other and creating an environment for each of you to personally grow, gives balance.

Since there are also many things that decreases passion (slows momentum/love busters) and creates imbalance, both of you must constantly work at pedaling and balancing to build a great marriage (great ride).

Using Training Wheels

Using those training wheels gave me an opportunity to learn how to balance and pedal atrepparttar 122065 same time. After I'd gotten more comfortable coordinatingrepparttar 122066 two, my dad tookrepparttar 122067 training wheels off and helped me to move without them.

As married couples, because this is often new to us, creating balance and building

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