Marriage Finances 101

Written by Robb Ksiazek

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Credit cards are a different story. Each of you will probably have numerous cards of your own. Take an evening and call all ofrepparttar issuing banks. Tell them that you just got married and are eliminating some of your accounts. Whichever card issuers give yourepparttar 149426 best rates arerepparttar 149427 ones you keep. They will add your spouse ontorepparttar 149428 account with a phone call and send out your new cards.

Settling your accounts is easy it just takes a little time. It is best to take care of these matters quickly, as time will not make it any easier. Some ofrepparttar 149429 institutions may ask for your marriage license, and be prepared to send it. They will send it back if you provide a self addressed stamped envelope.

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Planning Your Outdoor Wedding Reception

Written by Randy Wilson

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Even whenrepparttar sky is beautiful, any open space is subject to being hit by gusts of wind. Assume that anything able to blow around, will. Some things to keep in mind are tablecloths, napkins, disposable cups and plates, centerpieces, seating arrangement cards, and SCENTS from trash cans, neighboring pig farms, etc.

Supply bug spray and sunblock for your less-prepared guests. Perhaps a small booth off to one corner ofrepparttar 149396 lot could be dedicated to this task. Citronella candles aroundrepparttar 149397 perimeter can also be quite effective in this regard.

Distribute a large number of trash receptacles throughoutrepparttar 149398 outdoor wedding reception area. Guests are more likely to pick up a fluttering plate or napkin when they are near a place to discard it. You will also want hire an attendent whose sole job is to patrolrepparttar 149399 site and keep things stocked up and litter-free.

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