Marriage, Hollywood Style

Written by Stephen Schochet

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A Hollywood couple can interpretrepparttar dissolution of their marriage differently. When Jim Carrey's acting career seemed to move ahead of his wife Lauren Holley's, he implied that her ambition and jealousy regarding his success had led to their divorce. But Holley claimed that a sticking point in their relationship was Jim's problem with mirrors. He was incapable of passing one without making several funny faces and it scared her.

Gossip about a star's marital state can be used to draw movie goers torepparttar 118218 box office. After several very short, very public relationships which included leaving Keiffer Sutherland atrepparttar 118219 altar, Julia Roberts seemed to haverepparttar 118220 perfect reputation forrepparttar 118221 title role inrepparttar 118222 movie Runaway Bride (1999). What was less known was that Sutherland had an affair with a stripper three days beforerepparttar 118223 marriage and Roberts didn't buy his story that he was doing research for a movie.

Ultimately, star temperament may berepparttar 118224 ultimate factor that drives Hollywood couples apart. Betty Davis met her fourth and final husband Gary Merrill onrepparttar 118225 set of All About Eve (1950). She would later say that he was a tough guy, but none of her husband's were macho enough to be Mr. Bette Davis. When they divorced in 1960, a tearful Davis toldrepparttar 118226 judge thatrepparttar 118227 two had gotten into a fight while driving through Connecticut. Merrill had stoppedrepparttar 118228 car, picked her up and thrown her out. She had landed face first in a snow drift. "I might be there still, if I hadn't been rescued by a local farmer." Merrill had stood up and said angrily," Your honor, you're not going to believe this malarkey, are you? I never threw Bette out ofrepparttar 118229 car in Connecticut. It was Vermont where I threw her out!"

Later, Bette stood out onrepparttar 118230 courthouse steps, brandishing a long cigarette as she spoke withrepparttar 118231 press. She was asked if she'd ever marry again. "Well gentlemen, it's tough with my career and all, but never say never. I do however have three conditions." She took a puff from her cigarette. "First he must have at least fifteen million dollars. Second, he must immediately sign half it over to me. And finally," she paused for dramatic effect "he must promise to be dead withinrepparttar 118232 year!" Her criteria were never met.

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Trust - A poetic investigation, not hampered by commitee status.

Written by Malcolm James Pugh

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Suddenly its rhetoric thats transparant, Andrepparttar listeners hear not quite nothing, The glares now are quite apparant, Andrepparttar 118217 sound is muted frothing, Forrepparttar 118218 illusion is unravelling, The promised land just as far away, Their new ale isnt travelling, And their house is in decay.

Do you believe a word they say, Feel secure they are in place, They promised us all a different way, Then slapped us inrepparttar 118219 face, Seemed to think we would just blink, And take it in our stride, Forget they tweak a dangerous link, When they tamper with our pride.

They seem to deem us stupid, Devoid of thought or reason, And only ever act as cupid, When its an election season, Previously ministries made mistakes, And cuckolded cogent cries, But none before these raisedrepparttar 118220 stakes And made an art form out of lies.

Ex systems programmer, originally Civil Engineer. Retained interest in Engineering, though now lamentably less civil. About to be eliminated by Blair Police for having an opinion and not having been fined for a month. I enjoy being taxed and my intelligence insulted and look forward to the next election, if not much sooner.

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