Marketing Your eZine

Written by Dirk Wagner

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Writing articles is a great way of promoting your ezine, website, or products. Simply write a short article of 500-1000 words onrepparttar subject of your choice, preferably about your home business and submit them to article directories. Atrepparttar 116854 end of each article you get to use a author resource box to tellrepparttar 116855 reader about yourself. This is where you promote your ezine, website or product. Use four to six lines to give your name and details. Then submit your article to article directories that are always looking for quality content. Here are some ofrepparttar 116856 article directories I use.


There are some tools you will need in order to deliver your ezine to your subscribers. A good autoresponder is a must if you hope to have thousands of subscribers to your ezine. Autoresponders house your ezine and subscribers on one system and automatically send your ezine to your subscribers. The autoresponder takes care of when to sendrepparttar 116857 subscriberrepparttar 116858 next addition of your ezine based onrepparttar 116859 intervals you set. Another good tool to use is a pop-up or pop-over ad on your website for those that are visiting your website. The pop-up/over ad will capturerepparttar 116860 prospects name and email address and send it directly to your autoreponder. Once you have them in your autoresponder you start to develop a trust relationship with your subscribers, this is important because once your subscriber feels like they can trust you they are more likely to buy what you are selling. Good luck with your ezine marketing!

Dirk Wagner is CEO and owner of and the free, easy to install #1 home business toolbar with automated updates.A website dedicated to helping the home-based business entrepreneur start and succeed with there very own home-based business by publishing his free online course for successful Home Business.

Learn the Skill of Effective Bragging (Timing is Everything)

Written by by Gina Novelle

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Women are often intimidated by another person and feel they must justify their presence. That is why Ken will not work with one of our other female consultants. She didn’t understand this strategic maneuver. You see Ken always bragged loudly to us, his colleagues, but never to a client, because he never felt he had to. Ken, as with most men, think this way. Ifrepparttar client called you and you are in their office, then you haverepparttar 116853 client. You don’t have to justify being there.

Women feelrepparttar 116854 need to “secure their position” withrepparttar 116855 client even thoughrepparttar 116856 haverepparttar 116857 job. Here’s how Julie handled a job with Ken. They setup an appointment, but Julie arrived earlier. Remember Ken isrepparttar 116858 one who set uprepparttar 116859 meeting. Now who is Julie to this client - no one. Why is she here? Because she is there without Ken, she put herself inrepparttar 116860 situation of having to “justify her presence.” She should have waited inrepparttar 116861 car until Ken arrived. She makes it worse asrepparttar 116862 game proceeds.

Ken arrives on time, but now appears late because Julie is already there. He’s not happy about that. Again, only his collected nature is shown torepparttar 116863 client. He follows his same steps, hands them a brochure, and business card. The client briefly readsrepparttar 116864 brochure, asked Ken a few questions and just whenrepparttar 116865 client relationship is about to blossom. Julie interrupts by digging in her purse. Oh how men hate that. She pulls a tattered brochure out and hands it torepparttar 116866 client. He’s confused - who is she again? Ken tries to handle this situation and introduces her as his assistance. He wouldn’t dare call her his colleague after that outrageous display of behavior. Julie now realizes she isn’t gettingrepparttar 116867 same recognition. She continues to spit out her experience. Guess what,repparttar 116868 client doesn’t care and she looks like an insecure schoolgirl.

Oh, you say, but Julie deserves to letrepparttar 116869 client know her skills too. Yes she does, but her timing was wrong. It was Ken’s approach she should have honored. You see Ken is good at gettingrepparttar 116870 clients, but he’s not good at keeping them. Every job that I went out with Ken, I now have his client. Ken’s approach works with men, but when it came torepparttar 116871 nurturing concept of training, women don’t like him. Therefore,repparttar 116872 repeat business was given to me not Ken. I waited and showed off my skills onrepparttar 116873 job.

Gina Novelle writes computer How-To Manuals, is a graphic artist, and program designer for Exclusive Markets in Las Vegas Nevada. Her company sponsors the web site, a support site for the self-employed. She has currently finished the book, “Business Secrets Men Don’t Tell Women” revealing how women and men view self-employment differently! This book is seeking a publisher.

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