Marketing Your Home Business

Written by Paul Jesse

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Additioanlly, while you are making your URL well known, make sure your web page is professional and accommodating to consumers. Make sure thatrepparttar checkout process is easy and convenient as well as secure. Using payment systems like Paypal might be a good idea for you because it allows a variety of paymet methods in many different currencies.

Advertising online does not have to be expensive. You can trade links with other relevant web pages, submit newsletters and articles to online ezines and directories with a resource box with a URL directing readers to your website. You can do banners and other paid advertising, but if you don’t have much of a budget try all ofrepparttar 137162 free options before you start paying money you do not have. As your business grow, your advertising budget can grow as well.

As long as you are creative and proactive in finding inexpensive and/or free advertising your business will grow, your revenues will grow and you will not be spending much at all on advertising. Remember,repparttar 137163 more people that are aware of your web page, increases traffic, referrals and ultimately purchases. Make sure your URL is visible to as many people as possible in as many places as possible.

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Book Yourself Solid Key #4: Produce A Powerful Personal Brand That Sets You Apart

Written by Michael Port

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So first off, tell potential clients who else you’ve helped in similar situations and how you did it. Remember you aren’trepparttar only one who can help them. Your competition may have a similar (or evenrepparttar 137115 same) “WHO and DO WHAT” statement. Clients decide to hire you once they understand your “WHO and DO WHAT” statement and emotionally connect with your “call to action.”


What is your "WHO and DO WHAT" statement? ________________________________________________

What is your "call to action"? ________________________________________________

Find your niche and create a personal branding message that tells everyone what you can do to help them ("WHO and DO WHAT") and what it’s like to be around you (“call to action”). Then go bravely forward… splish, splash and boldly express what you are known for!

Stayed tuned for Key #5

Michael Port is the President of Michael Port & Associates LLC and is known as the guy to call when you’re tired of thinking small. To spend some more time with Michael and to think bigger about who you are and what you offer the world go to

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