Marketing Your Business Online

Written by Amanda Vlahakis

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No boundaries: As already mentioned,repparttar world is your oyster when you utiliserepparttar 150418 Internet as it is meant to be utilised; for most business there should be no geographical restrictions for your customer base.

Speed: Time sensitive materials can be released instantly, no need to wait forrepparttar 150419 layout designer, printing firm, and then post to deliverrepparttar 150420 latest incentives or news to your customer base.

Convenience: Customers can loose (or bin) your business card and brochures, they can’t ‘loose’ your website, which gives them ready access to your contact information should they wish to work with you/buy from you again.

In addition they can find out information about your services and/or products at a time that is convenient for them, rather than being tied to your business hours which may not suit them.

Getting a website, ensuring it is well designed and practical for making sales is just half of your slog unfortunately; your next step is ensuring it is correctly marketed so that potential buyers can actually find it using a search engine search.

The most popular method of finding goods and services is via a search engine - therefore once your website is designed and launched you’ll need to pay attention to search engine optimisation to ensure that potential customers can actually find you.This is just one way of marketing your website, albeit one ofrepparttar 150421 most important.

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How's YOUR Productivity?

Written by Cynthia Kyriazis

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Now remember that 95% of information is still found on paper.

Searching for information still comes down torepparttar productivity level ofrepparttar 150403 individual and his/her:

1) Skills: Have they assessed their level of need?

2) Training: "42% of executives worldwide feel improving workers skills and knowledge increases productivity." (Watson Wyatt)

3) Application: Do they receive support and feedback on their progress?

4) Tools: Using them instead of relying on them: There is no magic bullet.

5) Managing outcomes: Which tends to manage everything else.

If you want to increase productivity in your organization, start atrepparttar 150404 individual level NOW because when it comes to productivity, procrastination is not your friend.

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Cynthia Kyriazis is an organizing and time management consultant. Organize it is a firm she founded in 1995 and has been serving Fortune 500 clients ever since. Cynthia works with business and their employees to help improve performance and realize productivity gains.

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