Marketing Tips for Internet Gurus

Written by Diane M. Hess

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2) Update Your Marketing Plan Statement Doing this will help you strengthen your focus. Your mission statement should include: 1) your vision; 2) how you will accomplish your vision/goal; 3) and it should also reflect your values. For example, if you don't like some ofrepparttar distasteful websites out there and you are designing attractive websites, a mission statement could read like this: "To help makerepparttar 150358 Internet beautiful, I plan to create two attractive websites per week, instead of my usual one. I have updated my software and abilities to create attractive Websites and will launch my new plan onrepparttar 150359 15 day of this month."

There are of course other elements that make up effective marketing plans. In coming months we will have more tips on marketing.

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GoDaddy’s Super Bowl Commercial Success

Written by Rodney Ringler

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A lot of Registrars and Hosting companies spend their budget online looking closely at costs/signup and other hard measures to see if they are getting their money’s worth. They often overlookrepparttar value and power of “branding” their name and how lasting that form of marketing can be. As most commodity products found out a long time ago, “branding” isrepparttar 150310 key to longevity. Asrepparttar 150311 web hosting industry moves to this sort of market it will be interesting to see howrepparttar 150312 well branded companies do against less well known counterparts no matter what their online budget may be.

I think there are lessons in GoDaddy’s Super Bowl marketing that we can all learn from. First, “branding” is a very powerful and last lasting tool. This is evident by their jump torepparttar 150313 leading Registrar position and maintaining it half a year later. Secondly, instead of just making an advertising campaign, makerepparttar 150314 advertising campaign news on its own. This will deliver a lot of other press and air time torepparttar 150315 original campaign.

About the Author: Rodney Ringler is President of Advantage1 Web Services, Inc., which owns a network of Web Hosting Informational Websites including,,,, and Rodney has over 15 years industry experience from programming to internet marketing.

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