Marketing Tips From A 10-Year-Old?

Written by Cindy Kappler

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After some review, they decided that simply asking a person if they wanted to buy a book made it too easy to say no. So, they added a stronger call to action atrepparttar end. And, they started going out in groups of two:

"Hi, I'm Ben and I'mrepparttar 148620 author of 15 Reasons I Love My Dad. (Handrepparttar 148621 book torepparttar 148622 prospect.) It's a fill-in-the- blank book that lets children show their dad how much they love him."

"And I'm Cassie. We're raising money to take a musical theater class. We're running a neighborhood special today. You can getrepparttar 148623 book for only $10 instead of $14.95. How many would you like to buy?"

The next time out, they went to eight houses and sold six books. Conversion rate? A whopping 75%!

No one bought more than one book but instead of being told, "No, I'm not interested" most people responded by saying, "Ohhh, I think one is enough..."

Granted,repparttar 148624 kids have only sold 15 books and they've got a way to go to reach their goal of selling 159. And, their numbers are too small to conclusively say that each little change was directly responsible forrepparttar 148625 corresponding increase in sales. But, assuming their results are valid, what Internet marketing tips can you learn from a 10-year-old?

First, set a goal. Know what you want to accomplish.

Second, create a plan for accomplishing your goal. Adding a deadline always helps.

Third, start somewhere and then make changes to improve your sales. They can only get better.

Fourth, give an incentive to take action now - offering a limited time special or a limited number of items for sale creates a sense of urgency.

Fifth, tell your prospectsrepparttar 148626 reason for your offer.

Sixth, have a strong call to action so people know exactly what you want them to do.

And seventh, know your numbers. Make changes designed to improve your conversion rate and then monitor what happens.

And there you go. Real world Internet marketing lessons from a 10-year-old.

Cindy Kappler is a successful online marketer. Get her free report, "Case Studies: A Behind the Scenes Look at How the Internet's Top Marketers Create Profit Producing Advertising Campaigns" at

Making the Designer Work For You

Written by Sean Rice

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your insurance carrier know that this contractor is going to get their hands dirty on your front line.

The reason why VW Bug ads are fun, while Mercedes ads are a different fun is not merelyrepparttar car, butrepparttar 148395 culture ofrepparttar 148396 organization. The designers for both companies are geniuses not only in their ability to talk torepparttar 148397 target market, but to talk to that target market aboutrepparttar 148398 company culture.

Allow for test ideas, experiments and mind games.

The designer’s job is to come up with ideas that fit hundreds and thousands of pieces of data that are coming to them from all ofrepparttar 148399 steps above. They are not merely painting a picture on a canvas that has to have meaning only to them as artists. The designer has to paint a picture that distills data and objectives down to simple, communicable visualizations.

Let them play. Let them develop prototypes, explore an idea to see where it will lead, paint a web site idea onrepparttar 148400 side of a barn if they feelrepparttar 148401 need. They are trying to come up with something new and unique; something that hasn’t been done a million times before. If you think that it is easy, ask yourself when wasrepparttar 148402 last time you ever came up with a truly new idea?

A designer at play with your idea is a designer who is trying to ‘breakrepparttar 148403 box’ that they have been thinking in. It really doesn’t cost you more than a generic idea would cost. Budget for it.

Testrepparttar 148404 idea as much as you have budget for.

Focus groups can be as simple as going out with a laptop and accosting passer-bys to try outrepparttar 148405 left navigation bar (Don’t laugh! I did that for an IBM project once). It’s important to understand that when you’ve been staring at a project for weeks overrepparttar 148406 shoulder of your designer, that both of you have forgotten what it’s like to look at your site forrepparttar 148407 first time… and have to move through it.

Test outrepparttar 148408 ideas. Test often. Test again.

(OK you LOVErepparttar 148409 color orange, but all of your test subjects hate it. Guess what?)

Now, it’s time to get your production team together.

What? You thought you were working onrepparttar 148410 actual web site? Oh, no. That would have cost you a lot of money to be trying to producerepparttar 148411 site while thinking about and creating it atrepparttar 148412 same time.

Don’t worry, though, because your production team (who might actually berepparttar 148413 original designer) knows exactly what to do and how they need to do it. We promise that if you’ve gone through all ofrepparttar 148414 steps,repparttar 148415 production phase will be much smoother than you could expect, otherwise. Not as many bottlenecks, fewer delays, less surprises.

Launchrepparttar 148416 site and you’re done, right?


Hopefully, your designer is going to stick around, because afterrepparttar 148417 site is live, you’re going to be able to seerepparttar 148418 result of all your and your designer's assumptions… and a few will have to be changed, or corrected.

Visitor tracking will have been worked in atrepparttar 148419 very beginning ofrepparttar 148420 project and you have developed a metric system for evaluating whether your objectives are being met. If they aren’t, then your ability to track visitors will pinpointrepparttar 148421 parts ofrepparttar 148422 web site that are causing problems and your designer will have to come up with solutions.

It’s inevitable and it should be seen as an easy opportunity, so don’t miss it.

"I have to go through all of this? I only wanted a web site for my business!"

You don't. And, I can make a web site for you. I know PhotoShop and I know Dreamweaver. I'm pretty handy with PHP and could probably get allrepparttar 148423 code to work, though it may be bloated and slow (a programmer could do it better and faster, but I'm just a designer). I don't need to know much about your business, just give me a copy of your logo and I'll paste it in torepparttar 148424 template I have laying around.

You want a custom design, not a template? Not a problem. It'll take me an extra day. Flash Intro? No problem (do 14% of your customers hate Flash?).

Are you going to achieve your objectives? Yes: Your business has a web site and it looks cool.

Here are some numbers to think about in comparison to design costs.

85% of all e-commerce traffic will be from Search Engines or directories. If your site is not readible by Search Engines, yet an objective is to generate sales, then you're not acheiving a substantial part of your objectives.

Most Search Engines cannot read and index Flash files. Google and a couple of other Search Engines only do it with partial success. If your designer does not know your objectives, and if you've told then that you want a Flash Intro, then again, you've lostrepparttar 148425 value your designer could have offered you.

Let's say you sell widgets for $100.00 a piece and gadget accessories forrepparttar 148426 widgets for $10.00 per.

If 100 people visit your site in a day and three people finish a transaction for a total of two widgets and one gadget, you've made $210.00.

Not bad. But what if I told you that neither ofrepparttar 148427 widget buyers knew that you sold gadgets, andrepparttar 148428 guy that boughtrepparttar 148429 gadget actually wanted a widget and couldn't find it... he boughtrepparttar 148430 gadget from you and thought that he'd have repparttar 148431 buyrepparttar 148432 widget elsewhere.,

Further, what If I said that there was one other person that started to make a purchase, but got confused aboutrepparttar 148433 form and simply gave up and left.

Another person loved your gadget, but couldn't findrepparttar 148434 (very obvious to you) Buy Now button. He left.

Another person really didn't feel like searching your entire site for one widget, another came to your site thinking that you sold widgets, but after seeing your Flash intro, couldn't really say what your business was about at all. He left.

Were you going at that with a calculator? You missed at least three up-sale opportunities, chased awayrepparttar 148435 rest with their money in hand.

Now, how much does a good designer cost? How much for a good design process? How badly do you want that Flash Intro if you're not a local band looking for gigs?

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