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Written by Chuck and Sue DeFiore

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As for radio advertising, check your local stations for rates. You'll be surprised at how low some of them are. Again, if you send press releases torepparttar stations, sometimes they will call you as an expert in your area, or for an interview. We sent releases to allrepparttar 117673 stations in our area when we started our support group, and this generated three timesrepparttar 117674 number of people we expected for our first meeting.

Since most major newspapers are expensive to advertise in, check withrepparttar 117675 smaller local papers. You can advertise in many of these for as little as $25 a month. You could also offer to write a column for these publications, as an expert inrepparttar 117676 area, if appropriate.

We all need to advertise in one way or another. Which medium you choose will depend on your particular business.

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Help! There's an Intruder in my Computer

Written by June Campbell

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Information overrepparttar Internet is sent in "packets" of data. These packets travel from a source machine to a destination machine -- which could be two feet away or two continents away. Each packet of data containsrepparttar 117672 IP address and port number ofrepparttar 117673 originating machine.

The firewall software inspects every packet of data that arrives atrepparttar 117674 computer -- BEFORE that data is allowed entry intorepparttar 117675 system and before it connects with an "open" port. The beauty of a firewall lies in its ability to be selective about what it accepts and what it blocks.

The firewall hasrepparttar 117676 ability to refuse any suspect data. Ifrepparttar 117677 incoming data is ignored and not allowed in, that port will effectively disappear onrepparttar 117678 Internet and hackers cannot find it or connect through it. In other words, instead of receiving a signal that a port is open,repparttar 117679 hackers receive nothing back and have no way of connecting.

Several firewall applications are available torepparttar 117680 small business operator orrepparttar 117681 home computer user. Before changing firewalls or installing one forrepparttar 117682 first time, it's wise to check outrepparttar 117683 comparative testing that has been done on these applications.

Persons already running a firewall could test it's effectiveness by tryingrepparttar 117684 Shields and Ports test available at Gibson's Research Corporation (GRC) web site, or by downloading and runningrepparttar 117685 LeakTest software available on site at

GRC's Steve Gibson has some surprising test results posted in conjunction with LeakTest's personal firewall scoreboard at

The best-rated one is free. Not only did Zone Lab's Zone Alarm ( score best in Gibson's testing, butrepparttar 117686 firewall has been recognized for excellence by CNET, PC World, PC Magazine and Home Office Computing.

Other well-known firewalls include McAfee firewall at, Sygate Personal FW at, Symantec/Norton at and Tiny Personal FW at

Now,repparttar 117687 bad news.

A firewall protects you from open ports, but it does not protect you from data coming and going through ports that you allow. Malicious code can invade your system from email attachments or by visiting a hostile web site. And remember -- even well trusted web sites can suddenly be hostile if hackers have added malicious code withoutrepparttar 117688 site administrator's knowledge.

Test your security against malicious code at Finjan Software's web site. Many of you will be dismayed to find that your supposedly secure system is vulnerable.

Malicious code blocking software such as Finjan's Surf n' Guard analyzes incoming data and decides whetherrepparttar 117689 code could be harmful. ZDNet recommends that code-blocking software be used in addition to firewall and your antivirus software.

Too Late? What if you think you've been hacked? Call your computer guru to help, or check outrepparttar 117690 information at sites like HackFix.

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