Market Your Book Through A Feature Story

Written by Judy Cullins

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The Financial Rewards?

My phone rang offrepparttar hook for over a week. I took over 100 calls, taking reservations. I had far more people wantrepparttar 129594 seminar than I had room. The rest I invited to future seminars.

I collected over 60 email addresses. To each of them I sent my monthly eNewsletter "The Book Coach Says" with a special offer on one of my How to Write and Market Your Books Fast Kits. I sold each participant a special report for $5, over $300 in all. Other sales amounted to over $300. I was also paid forrepparttar 129595 seminar by my sponsor. I got four new bookcoaching clients worth thousands of dollars overrepparttar 129596 next few months. I got new attendees to my free seminars on book writing--some of which became clients.

That year, twenty-four of my clients published their books. They, in turn, told others of their satisfaction. I became a respected book coach who attracted through my web site, teleseminars, eNewsletter and clients--many more clients!

Atrepparttar 129597 same time, I have created several new books to help writers who may not be able to attend my seminars or hire me as their coach.

Take advantage ofrepparttar 129598 press. Write an outstanding, outrageous headline aimed atrepparttar 129599 editor. When it sparks an interest you will get your feature story!

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How Three Publishing Myths Kill the Author

Written by Judy Cullins

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Myth: To be a respected author, you must invest thousands of hours of time on your full-length book.

The reality is that people today want concise and useful information. You don't have to write a 200-page book to be a real author. Remember The One-Minute Manager andrepparttar One-Minute Salesperson? Around one hundred pages. People want information fast and convenient. Create short information products you can sell online, even if you don't have your own Web site.

If you choose to print your book with Print Quantity Needed (PQN), your perfect bound books will look as good as any book onrepparttar 129593 bookstore shelves.

Myth: Authors must spend a lot of money to publish themselves. The printing costs for 1500 copies of a 160-page book might cost $3000, about $2 a unit. Small runs cost even more per unit. That's a lot of cash for anyone to put out all at once, and it's not worth it to many of us to use our home equity or life savings to finance our book. The answer is a small run with Print on Demand (POD) where you can print only 500 for around $2.40 for 160 pages. Withoutrepparttar 129594 high inventory, you can maintain a comfortable cash flow.

You save even more money if you don't print your book. Book publishing is going Internet. You can write small books in less time, market them easily and inexpensively onrepparttar 129595 Web and reap profits sooner. Try an e-book. It can be downloaded, it takes no printing costs because your buyer prints or downloads it. You don't even have to haverepparttar 129596 whole book finished to sell it. Just include your table of contents atrepparttar 129597 end of each chapter and present it as an e-serial book.

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