Market Spice Tea Because There's an Adventurer in all of us

Written by Ryan Fyfe

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Market spice has been converting Green tea drinkers for almost 100 years. Why Market Spice? Words can't do any more justice: If there is an adventurer in you: Try it and find out for yourself!


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Ryan Fyfe is the owner and operator of Tea Area Which is a great web directory and information center on Tea and the different types of tea like Green Tea, and market Spice Tea.

From Prix Fixe to Cold Tea: A Glossary of Popular (and Obscure) Restaurant Terms

Written by MH

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Kosher Food that conforms to Jewish dietary laws and rituals. Pork and shellfish are never kosher, nor is meat mixed with dairy products. If you see a restaurant named "Ralph's Clam Shack and Rib House," chances are, it is not kosher.

Prix Fixe A full meal, typically with between three and seven courses that is offered at a set price. Often, that set price will drive a person to drinking lots and lots of cold tea once his or her credit card bill comes inrepparttar following month.

Smart Casual A dubious restaurant dress-code term, typically meaning, "no jeans and sneakers, but don't wear with a suit and tie, either." In other words, dress like you are playing 18 holes of golf (but don't wear metal spikes). George Costanza on "Seinfeld" coined this term. 'Nuff said.

Special ofrepparttar 138440 Day Whatever didn't sell outrepparttar 138441 night before.

Trattoria A restaurant, usually informal, that serves simple, old-fashioned Italian meals. If a trattoria also has a decent wine list, another name forrepparttar 138442 place would be bistro (see). But a bistro cannot be a trattoria unless it serves Italian food. However, if a bistro does serve Italian food but does not have a decent wine list, then it is no longer a bistro. It is a trattoria. Actually, it may be best to just forgetrepparttar 138443 whole thing. Both are restaurants. OK?

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