March: New Moon in Pisces

Written by Universal Psychic Guild

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Also expect that celebs with a strong Aries connection such as Mariah Carey, Reese Witherspoon, Sarah Jessica Parker, Russell Crowe, Elle McPherson, Alec Baldwin, Robert Downey Jr & Heath Ledger will 'air their dirty laundry' next month, ending their current low key profile.

It's expected that Cancerian Prince William will have to make a big decision next month. It will also be a month of experimentation for Aquarians such as Robbie Williams, Paris Hilton, Jennifer Aniston, Ashton Kutcher, Portia De Rossi & Ellen DeGeneres

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Understanding the Tarot Card Deck - Part 1

Written by Lisa Lamont

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A number ofrepparttar Major Arcana cards serve as archetypal representatives of real people in our lives, either as a whole or in symbolic parts. Some archetypes, for instance, would be authority figures, mysterious or mystical people, or parental, sibling, or other familial figures.

The Major Arcana cards each represent, through their images, positive and negative forces. The interpretation ofrepparttar 122146 meanings ofrepparttar 122147 cards, however, relies on many factors. Some of these factors include howrepparttar 122148 cards are laid, which cards surround others,repparttar 122149 information sought,repparttar 122150 reader, andrepparttar 122151 person for whomrepparttar 122152 reading is being performed. So even though each individual Major Arcana symbol or card holds its own unique meanings, it must be taken as only one part of a whole withrepparttar 122153 above critical dynamics taken into account.

When dealing withrepparttar 122154 Major Arcana, one deals with some ofrepparttar 122155 ancient, mystical, and hidden secrets ofrepparttar 122156 universe – and should do so withrepparttar 122157 caution attributed torepparttar 122158 wisest among us. But be cautious, not afraid! Some may say, “Curiosity killedrepparttar 122159 cat!” But we also know: “Satisfaction brought it back!” And even though cats do purportedly have nine lives, you’ll have to consultrepparttar 122160 Major Arcana to even hazard a guess as to which liferepparttar 122161 cat in question is now living – once you’ve learnedrepparttar 122162 Major Arcana’s secrets, that is!

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