Mapping Software: Putting Data Visualization on the Map

Written by Joe Miller

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Mapping software interacts with HTML in order to provide interactive information torepparttar broadest number of businesses and consumers. Using HTML enablesrepparttar 150552 entire World Wide Web to receive and convey interactive information.


JSP technology uses java for web page content, and when teamed together with mapping software, each web page comes alive. Interactive data is able to work with any server, fromrepparttar 150553 WWW torepparttar 150554 remotest consumer.


PHP technology is server-side coding which interfaces with HTML. ASP, Perl, and Cold Fusion technology interact similarly with HTML, which means they work similarly with mapping software to create dynamic pages.


Even WWW networks using TCP/IP network protocols using .net technology can interface with mapping software to bring .net charts, .net graphs, and .net maps to life both withinrepparttar 150555 business and among clientele.


The concern of businesses using any of these networking or programming technologies is based on long experience of not being able to convert HTML, Java, JSP, ASP, Perl, Cod Fusion, .Net, PHP, or any other type of interactive information into a printable copy. Mapping software provides a solution by allowing any of these technologies to convert to PDF.

Mapping software has benefited companies as diverse as airlines and chambers of commerce and people as different as a 6th grader and a CEO. The diversity of mapping software lies in its interfacing with common business and educational technologies.

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Are You Leveraging Your Business Network?

Written by Denise OBerry

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- Before you go to a networking meeting, be prepared with a goal. Who do you want to meet? Why are you there? Have a conversation icebreaker ready to get to knowrepparttar right people.

- At a networking lunch, don't reserve every seat and act like a grump if someone unfamiliar wants to sit at your table. Welcomerepparttar 150551 opportunity that a stranger presents. They may be your next customer. - Treat referrals like gold. Contactrepparttar 150552 referral within a day, if possible. Letrepparttar 150553 referrer know how things went. - Online, your email createsrepparttar 150554 first impression just like your physical presence does at face-to-face meetings. Berepparttar 150555 business professional that you are.

Connections are crucial for business success, but it's not so much who you know as who knows you. How did you find your last business connection? You probably asked a few friends who they used. That's how business networking works. Make sure your network is alive and well.

Denise O'Berry is a small business expert and author of 101 Nuggets to Power Up Your Schmooze-Ability. Find out more at

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