Manifesting Basics

Written by Judi Singleton

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Many people fail to manifestrepparttar things that they desire in life because they are afraid to choose. They are prefectionists they do not want to make a mistake. You must be clear about what you want. You have to make a choice and then clarify that choice before you can get what you want. The universe always says yes to whatever we want be it can't manifest it if we are back and forth and aroundrepparttar 137333 board. You might want to make a list of your don't wants and then turn them around to a positive statement of what you do want. Example Don't want I don't want to be fat I do want I am now thin and filled with energy Now a lot of our thinking is done on an unconscios level so we must be aware and catch ourselves thinking. When we catch our selves thinking a negative thought say Stop right out loud and reframerepparttar 137334 statement to what you do want. We always have instant feedback of how we are doing. Stop right now and check out how you are feeling. 1. How are you feeling. Do you feel happy, joyful free then you are aligned withrepparttar 137335 Universe and can create what you will. 2. Do you feel sad, angry, resentful then you are thinkingrepparttar 137336 wrong thing. All you have to do to change that feeling and raise your vibration is to think happy, joyful thoughts, rememberrepparttar 137337 subsconscious does not divide things by time so you can think of what we call happy past experiences bring them into this now. Think of things, places, people who make you feel really joyful. This will raise your vibration and allow you to manifest what you will. 3. The other gauge of how we are doing is what people are coming into our lives. What experiences we are having. Are theyrepparttar 137338 experiences that we desired. Life is like a mirror. It will draw to us what we are thinking and manifest it. Ifrepparttar 137339 things you have manifested are not what you desire then you know you are off base. Go back clarify what you want, use affirmations, visalizations that help you feel, happy, joyful and free. See yourself as already havingrepparttar 137340 desire you want to manifest. Then look around you have you manifested what you desire. Like I said one gets instant feedback. Happy manifesting.

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Be Driven

Written by Debbie O'Meara

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When you were small and told Mom, Dad, and Santa Claus what you wanted for Christmas, were you vague? Did you say you wanted a new bike, and left it at that? Hardly. You knew what model, what color, how many speeds. You had that bike picked out. So Mom, Dad, and Santa knew exactly what to get. You weren’t going to leave that to chance, were you?

Think about wanting a new car, and…well, it could be just about anything, and you’re getting what you asked for, right? Think aboutrepparttar red Mercedes CLK 320 Cabriolet withrepparttar 137149 charcoal leather interior, walnut trim, 6-disc CD player…you getrepparttar 137150 picture, and so doesrepparttar 137151 universe. It can’t fulfill what you want unless you tell it.

We keep our prosperity mindsets alive. That’srepparttar 137152 framework. Within that we gain clarity on specifically what we want, and learn to ask for it. That’s how we learn to manifest those things, those desires, that are unique and special to us.

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