Manifesting - create your own reality

Written by Nisandeh Neta

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CHOICES OR DECISIONS Many people don't manifest what they want, because they are not willing to choose. They are so scared to make a mistake that they never move. "What should I be - a doctor or a lawyer?" "Shall I marry him/her or shall I not?" Sound familiar?

The universe responds to your moves. When you make a choice and move,repparttar universe either responds in "BRAVO" or in "OOPS, TRY AGAIN". But if you don't make a move, you'll never know.

Life is pretty much like driving a car. When you're driving you make decisions allrepparttar 124028 time, you get feedback allrepparttar 124029 time and you make new decisions based on that feedback. You go round a curve too fast,repparttar 124030 tires scream, oh boy, too fast, slow down... As you drive to work inrepparttar 124031 morning, you have taken hundreds of risks and made hundreds of decisions, without thinking too much about it.

This is how powerfulrepparttar 124032 gift of feedback is. We make decisions and then getrepparttar 124033 response.

An interesting fact about feedback is that when we receive it from others we don't like it. We feel criticized.

Life is an adventure. If we hadrepparttar 124034 map already written and memorized, what would berepparttar 124035 point of takingrepparttar 124036 journey?

BELIEFS Your beliefs determine your reality in muchrepparttar 124037 same way as your thoughts do. However, their power is bigger as their source comes fromrepparttar 124038 past and is well hidden in this fridge we callrepparttar 124039 unconscious mind. When I began to really look at my beliefs, some of them were: "men are stupid", "I have to work hard for my money", "I'm lazy" and "I can't fly". And, of course,repparttar 124040 one that kept allrepparttar 124041 others in place is: "I believe that my beliefs are difficult to change".

If I could just change this last one, then I could changerepparttar 124042 others quite easily. BUT. There is safety in these beliefs. They are familiar. Am I prepared to lose that safety?

Some of these beliefs are, I think, useful. Until I'm sure I can fly, I should avoid jumping off tall buildings. I guess that's useful, but it is also worth examining once in a while.

Anyway, beliefs are important to us. We spend a lot of energy proving them true. Whenever I got overworked and stressed I would turn onrepparttar 124043 TV, zapping for hours, thus confirming, "I'm lazy". Whenever a man became too close and offered his friendship, I always found something wrong with him to keep him away. Of course, "men are stupid".

We can create new, positive beliefs about ourselves. Just reverserepparttar 124044 belief you want to change and say it to yourself over and over again, using all your enthusiasm and excitement. Instead of "I'm a failure" use "I'm successful", instead of "I'm not good enough" use "I'm great".

These four topics, Thoughts, Feelings, Choices and Beliefs, are areas where you can really shift your ability to live life of joyful creativity.

Watch your thoughts - keep them positive.

Give your feelings space. Feelings are okay. They add flavor torepparttar 124045 soup of life.

Get used to making choices - take a chance. We all make mistakes and we can all respond torepparttar 124046 results

Look at your beliefs. Are they unquestionable facts? Or might it be useful to shift some of them?

Nisandeh Neta is a trainer, success coach and healer. He is leading workshops, courses and retreats focusing on themes such as personal growth, self-esteem, leadership, relationships, consciously creating, meditation and neo-shamanism. More information about his programs can be found at His inspiration, motivation and empowerment articles, newsletter and digital books can be found at

A Goal Without A Schedule is Just a Dream

Written by Barrett Niehus

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After setting you goal, list outrepparttar steps necessary to achieve results. Back schedule them to fit withinrepparttar 124027 time you have available. Set small achievable increments that will allow you to work up to your accomplishment. Put together a schedule that will allow you to achieve your goal. Evaluaterepparttar 124028 schedule, andrepparttar 124029 resources that you will need to accomplish your desire.

Evaluaterepparttar 124030 schedule that you have put together. Make sure that it is reasonable, and that you will commit yourself to following it. Determine if you haverepparttar 124031 resources that you need available, and what other resources you will need to makerepparttar 124032 final accomplishment. Finally, commit yourself to accomplishing that goal, and set yourself to work.

Do not procrastinate, you are on a tight schedule. Do not vary from your underlying vision. Do however write your goals down and review them often. As time and results change, periodically update both your ultimate goal and your schedule. By focusing onrepparttar 124033 steps necessary to reach your ultimate goal, and being cognizant of your schedule, you will achieve all of your desires.

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