Managing Your Home Based Online Business – 6

Written by Roy Thomsitt

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How Do You Manage Your Purchasing?

Much ofrepparttar management of your purchasing is about self control and common sense. The financial director part of you has to apply discipline, andrepparttar 148984 CEO part of you has to watch over conflicts between purchasing and financial control. You, asrepparttar 148985 purchasing manager, need to:

• Be aware of your weaknesses, especially if you can be an impulsive spender. Be honest with yourself here. I am sure most of us have impulsive tendencies. They are not always a bad thing, but you do need to be aware of and manage them.

• Stand back fromrepparttar 148986 situation and take a detached view of your purchases. This way you can fulfil your roles as CEO and financial director, as well as purchasing manager.

• Have a purchasing budget, and review it regularly. Stick to it unless it is really necessary to change it.

• Have a decision making process that brings you torepparttar 148987 best decisions over what you buy, who you buy it from, and what you are prepared to pay for it.

• Challenge yourself for every purchase, whether it's for software, new computer, joining an online program, buying an ebook, or many other things.

• Research your market for whatever it is you are intending to buy, and keep a record of suppliers, prices and product specifications so that you can compare them now or later.

• Delay any purchase after first consideration, then go back to it. For example, a few months back I had a long list of ebooks, software aids, and marketing aids I wanted to purchase. Thankfully, my budget did not allow me to buy all. I could have transferred money from elsewhere to buy everything onrepparttar 148988 list, but I stuck torepparttar 148989 month's budget. When I went back torepparttar 148990 list a couple of months later, I found that I no longer wanted or needed to buy all but one ofrepparttar 148991 remaining items.

• Review once, review twice and maybe three times. Then buy if you really think such a decision is justified, and not a product of impulse or panic.

• Keep cool when you are about to spend money. Purchasing is a cool discipline, as is much of running a business, whether your business is at home or elsewhere.

• Have a review process for suppliers, services and products. Try to trackrepparttar 148992 effectiveness of your purchases, so that you know whether to userepparttar 148993 same supplier and/or product and/or service again.

The above are just a few ideas for improving your approach to purchasing. The underlying principles, though, are no different to how you should approach your domestic buying inrepparttar 148994 local shops. Business purchasing may have a scientific veneer, but at its most basic isrepparttar 148995 same as buying your weekly groceries.

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Business Writing Secrets Vol. 1

Written by Christos Varsamis

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What is their opinion ofrepparttar subject?

Knowledge of a subject is notrepparttar 148936 only issue on your writing acceptance from your readers. The opinion they have about it hasrepparttar 148937 same importance. Your primary task is to identify if they have a positive , negative or neutral opinion about your subject.

In most cases whenrepparttar 148938 readers have positive or neutral opinion there are no serious problems forrepparttar 148939 writer. Onrepparttar 148940 other hand, when your reader is negative onrepparttar 148941 subject you are dealing with, you should be extra careful with your letter or memo.

What actions do you want them to take?

If you have a clear goal for what you expect your readers to do, then your writing will be more succesful. Don’t forget to clarifyrepparttar 148942 action you want your readers to do.

What format should you use?

Before you start formatting your document ask if your company has a formatting standards. Most of them have specific standards for writing letters, memos and reports. In that case you should follow them.

What style should you follow?

Style isrepparttar 148943 way you use words, abbreviations, punctuation, and other elements. If your corporation use a specific style, use it. Otherwise followrepparttar 148944 commercial standards available. Capitalization is an element you should use systematically. You must capitalize proper nouns andrepparttar 148945 first word of sentences.

In what order should you presentrepparttar 148946 information?

The Classic standard applies here too, which isrepparttar 148947 introduction, body, and conclusion.

The introduction informsrepparttar 148948 reader whatrepparttar 148949 subject is all about and provides allrepparttar 148950 necessary informationrepparttar 148951 reader needs to understand.

The body emphasizes and analyzesrepparttar 148952 subject .During that process always keep in mind that your points should be stressed according to their importance. The most important should be first.

The conclusion sums uprepparttar 148953 points given inrepparttar 148954 body and directs to an action to be taken.

What attachments should you include?

The last question asks you to identify if and what kind of attachments you may need for your project. Sometimes extra information helpsrepparttar 148955 readers to understand betterrepparttar 148956 subject you have prepared.

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