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Written by Roy Thomsitt

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Achievingrepparttar right balance requires a management skill, even though you may never before have seen it that way. Where do you apply that management skill and how? I suggest you at least bearrepparttar 148572 following in mind at all times:

· Managing your business is an attitude of mind; an awareness. If you can elevate yourself to thinking as a manager, even though you have nobody other than yourself to manage, then you are setting yourself up to be a better and more successful business owner.

· Critically examine all requirements, or temptations, to spend money on marketing. Ifrepparttar 148573 marketer in you is anxious to spend, you should stand back from that and take a balanced view. Examine your proposed spend againrepparttar 148574 next day. You may have a different and more circumspect view next time.

· Having a marketing budget is important. Try to stick to it, but be prepared to increase it out of profits if something is going well.

· Evaluate all marketing options in terms of your budget, time, risks and expectations.

· Be very selective aboutrepparttar 148575 marketing options you choose to utilize, and then ensure you have a way of tracking their effectiveness. If you don’t, and you’re trying a number of options at once, you will not have much of a clue as to what is successful and worth continuing, and what should be dropped from your marketing mix.

· Be prepared to stop any marketing campaign that is not getting results within a reasonable time scale, but also try to make a sound judgement on what is a reasonable timescale. It is as bad to prematurely stop a campaign that could have been successfulrepparttar 148576 following month, as it is to carry on with a campaign you should have stopped.

· Reviewrepparttar 148577 effectiveness of your marketing efforts regularly, at least monthly but preferably weekly. Keep your finger onrepparttar 148578 pulse ofrepparttar 148579 business.

This has just been a brief introduction to managing your online business marketing. In any business, gettingrepparttar 148580 marketing right is crucial. Online marketing, with its thick veil of hype, is particularly hazardous. As you develop more of a management attitude, you will find it that much easier to see throughrepparttar 148581 hype, and nurture your business throughrepparttar 148582 many steps to success.

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Written by Mike Hayden

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