Managing Your Home Based Online Business – 2

Written by Roy Thomsitt

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Marketing is what I love most about business, and it is equally important to finance in all free enterprises. With an online business,repparttar marketing side is an ever moving area of expertise. Offline, marketing has long since stabilised. Online, it has not stabilised at all; it is still developing and evolving. You need to be aware of what’s happening inrepparttar 147999 world of internet marketing, what has happened, and what is likely to happen. Always remember, though, there will always be a financial impact of your marketing decisions. You are obviously prepared to take risks, as you have started or are starting an online business at home. Asrepparttar 148000 manager of your business you will need to balancerepparttar 148001 financial and marketing conflicts as they arise. You have to strikerepparttar 148002 right balance. Ifrepparttar 148003 finance director in you is too risk averse, you may stiflerepparttar 148004 growth of your business. Ifrepparttar 148005 marketing director in you is too cavalier, and unrealistic about sales prospects, you may ruin your business in one or two rash decisions. More on this in part 4.


If you are working online full time, or even part time, you will always need to be looking out for developments inrepparttar 148006 arenas of software andrepparttar 148007 internet itself, and maybe at times hardware. You may come across software that either improves your efficiency, makes life much easier or takes you into a new and better way of working. This is another area where knowledge is power. You need to be competitive, and sometimes you will come across new software that will make you more competitive. Try to keep abreast of things inrepparttar 148008 software marketplace, as it affects your business.

Time Management

While not a function like finance or marketing, when you work at home alone you will find that time management becomes key to your success and enjoyment of working from home. It is a subject you should always be aware of and make conscious decisions about. I will write more on this topic in part 5.

The above are justrepparttar 148009 key areas where you need to view your business from a management viewpoint, andrepparttar 148010 list of course is not exhaustive. However, pay attention to these from a manager’s perspective, and you should benefit inrepparttar 148011 long run. You will takerepparttar 148012 leap from being “employee” to “boss”, even if you arerepparttar 148013 only one you can be “boss” to.

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Make An Action Plan To Improve Customer Service

Written by Kevin Dervin

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3. Organization. Are you organized? Punctual? Reliable? When you show up to work with your clients, have you donerepparttar work and are you prepared to make them feel comfortable and taken care of? Even though you’ve done it hundreds, maybe thousands of times before, do you takerepparttar 147998 time to organize and prepare to make itrepparttar 147999 best client experience possible?

4. Committing torepparttar 148000 Little Things. Don’t ever dismissrepparttar 148001 power of allrepparttar 148002 little things. Together they can make allrepparttar 148003 difference and really separate you fromrepparttar 148004 competition. Returning calls and emails in a timely manner. Providing useful information to folks on a regular basis. Showing appreciation for your clients through things like thank you notes, exclusive client-only briefings, and open house, etc.

Clearly these are notrepparttar 148005 only relevant areas for creating great customer service. I’m sure you can think of more. But, pick just one of these areas and create an action plan to improve it in your business today. Make a commitment to continuously improverepparttar 148006 level of service you’re providing and see how it pays off. When you’ve done it, pick another area and work on it.

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