Managing Your Downline

Written by Cas Amato

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1. Send a welcoming letter to all new sign ups. If someone has joined your program, thank them for doing so. Let them feel welcome and a part of your team. Make sure that they are fully aware of howrepparttar program works, and offer help and advice if they need it.

2. Answer all queries quickly. If somebody DOES ask for help, don't ignore them, or it will berepparttar 122585 last you'll hear from them. Even if you don't knowrepparttar 122586 answer immediately, a quick note back to say, "I don't know, but I'll find out", will be much appreciated. But, do remember to get back to them as soon as you can.

3. Don't get frustrated with basic or idiotic questions. Bear in mind that what appears to be a "stupid" question to you may not be to somebody new torepparttar 122587 Net - we are not all HTML/marketing geniuses! Just remember, if they are contacting you, then at least they are they are communicating with you.

4. If your program has a "Email your downline" facility - use it! Email your people often. Tell themrepparttar 122588 latest news on your program or give them hints and tips. If you haven't got much to say, then tell them a joke - tell them anything. Just remind them you are there.

5. Don't be afraid to repeat yourself. It's always a good idea to save some of your messages, and repeat them periodically. Remember that your more recent recruits won't have seen your earlier messages, and it never does any harm for your long-time downline members to re-read an earlier email. Conventional wisdom states that a person needs to hear a message SEVEN times before they will buy into it.

As stated, communication isrepparttar 122589 secret to managing your downline. You Internet program is a business like any other.Like all businesses, its most valuable resource isrepparttar 122590 people who work for it. Therefore, since people like to talk, talk to them!

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The Awesome Power Of Viral Marketing

Written by John Colanzi

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You start out creating small ripples. Eventually, through patience and persistent, they become waves.

Stick to your plan long enough and you've created a virtual Tidal Wave.

There is truly no limit to how far your message can spread.

Don't just read this message and nod your head. Take time to letrepparttar concept sink in.

Inrepparttar 122584 beginning it may feel like you're pushing a rock up hill. Once you apply viral marketing, you'll find it gets so much easier whenrepparttar 122585 rock begins rolling downrepparttar 122586 other side.

Start using viral marketing and unleashrepparttar 122587 true power ofrepparttar 122588 Internet.

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