Management Skills: Positive Reinforcement in the Workplace

Written by Dina Giolitto,

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Matchrepparttar skill torepparttar 142207 task at hand. Ensure team excellence is by selectingrepparttar 142208 correct person forrepparttar 142209 job! Suppose you hire Jeff because he's great at number crunching, and Lucy because she has experience in customer service. Later, you come to learn that Lucy is really not all that great withrepparttar 142210 clients, but she's gold onrepparttar 142211 expense calculations... meanwhile, Jeff is a master shmoozer. Instead of trying to mold Lucy into something she's not, a quick-switch of responsibilities is all it takes to keep this team operating at prime productivity. When each of your workers is well-chosen for a task, they'll all do a good job together. And when they do a good job, they're truly appreciated. Team spirit is some pretty magical stuff!

Encourage workers to 'figure it out on their own.' By this I do NOT mean tell them to solve their own problems and send them away. That's no way to help your underlings grow. Remember to feel complimented when a subordinate approaches you with an issue. He came to you because he trusts your judgement and seeks your approval. In turn, give your little bird his wings. Maybe share a story of when you may have had a similar problem in your own career. Offer up some general, advice, then assure them that he can find a positive and constructive way to fixrepparttar 142212 problem on his own. He'll walk away with a sense of pride, independence and new determination. And that's a great way to help someone feel appreciated!

Speak to people 'onrepparttar 142213 level.' Ever hearrepparttar 142214 expression, 'talking down to people?' It's one of my biggest pet peeves, and something that I try my hardest never to do. Even inrepparttar 142215 midst of praising someone, you can end up 'talking down' to them. When you say, "Jeannie, you did it, I am so proud of you!!" does it come out sounding like you're talking to a kindergartener who just learned to tie her own shoe? Yikes! There should never be a reason to sound parental in your professional communication with grown adults. Another way you might unintentionally 'talk down': offer advice and assume that it's a foreign concept torepparttar 142216 person with whom you're speaking. How do you know she doesn't already practice what you preach? If you address your workers respectfully and treat them as mature adults, they might actually behave like mature adults!

Above all, have a little humility. Keep an open mind and an open heart, and lead with a firm and forgiving hand. Experience-wise, even if you're 20 years ahead of someone else, you're still just two human beings on this earth. And it's like I said: we all just want to be appreciated. So managers, show your workers a little respect and gratitude, and watch your productivity soar to new heights!

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Benefiting from Strategic Thinking

Written by Stephanie Tuia

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After hearing each representative make their case aboutrepparttar needs of their candidate, a few classmates pulled out ofrepparttar 142172 debate because they felt their student did not needrepparttar 142173 money as much as others. One classmate stated that his student came from a financially stable household and thatrepparttar 142174 lack of funds would not keep him from going to college. Another classmate mentioned that her student hadrepparttar 142175 time to get a part-time job and would be okay without scholarship money. With strategic thinking amongrepparttar 142176 committee members, we were able to figure out how everyone would benefit fromrepparttar 142177 situation. Our committee’s final consensus left two students without scholarship money, but benefited three recipients with a part ofrepparttar 142178 scholarship money, based on their needs and accomplishments.

Strategic thinking involved a group effort of brainstorming ideas, initiating change, and finding solutions to our dilemma. With our strategic thinking process, we were able to effectively factor inrepparttar 142179 highest priorities of our candidates.

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