Man Needs to Stand Upside down sometimes to See Things Better!!

Written by Khalid Osman

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The deep sorrow and regret on his eyes fastened his steps onrepparttar road.

Psycho Analysis: Some people thought that he was mad.My friends thought that too.Even some of my friendsrepparttar 124266 fighters andrepparttar 124267 veterans thoughtrepparttar 124268 same way. I was not.I never thought that he was a psychopathic.

I am so convinced thatrepparttar 124269 up-side-down veteran is pretty sane,more than me and my various friends without prejudice.

The up-side-down veteran worked outrepparttar 124270 comming deterioration his own way.He declared his silent point of view his own way.Things seemed to him as not normal at all.The events seemed to that standard pretty bad than his expectations.The blood of about sixty thousands of his comradesrepparttar 124271 martyres, seemed as run to waste.The beutiful picture ofrepparttar 124272 independence he dreamt about during his hard long struggle was changed into something false.Humans seemed to him as walking on their heads.Builings and trees as standingrepparttar 124273 opposite way. Every thing was not standing, walking or sitting right.That`s exactly what he was viewing actually.So he had strong desire as to see thingsrepparttar 124274 right way they are.

Now,would you like to stand upside down when ever you see things are running wrong,to see them running right?

Try it sometimes as a remedy and have fun and pleasure.

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Khalid Osman is a political refugee, a teacher and a journalist with 30 years experience.He worked in Sudan,Iraq,Kuwait and Eritrea.He contributed as a freelancer in many newspapers and magazines published in London,Paris, Cyprus, Amman and Beyrouth.He wrought in many TVs and radio stations.He was an activist organizer as concerns: Environment,Press,Education,Unions, Human rights,Children and Women.He broadcasts sometimes from a local DK radio station.

Interviews With Successful Ezine Publishers - Eva Browne- Paterson

Written by Ken Hill

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KH: How do you go about preparing your ezine for publication?

EBP: I do a lot of research inrepparttar days leading up to publication and send myself links, information, etc., that I will use inrepparttar 124265 ezine via email. I keep it in my inbox and then includerepparttar 124266 information in my ezine when I'm actually gettingrepparttar 124267 ezine ready.

When I'm preparingrepparttar 124268 ezine, I userepparttar 124269 previous issue so I can continue alongrepparttar 124270 lines ofrepparttar 124271 last edition and I update it torepparttar 124272 current issue.

As I publish online, I need to copy and paste everything into notepad first and then I make sure allrepparttar 124273 links open in a new window, and lastly, I runrepparttar 124274 spell checker over it before uploading. Then I testrepparttar 124275 tracking link to make sure it works before I send out an email withrepparttar 124276 tracking link included.

KH: Any advice to future ezine publishers? Things to look out for or things to concentrate on when publishing an ezine?

EBP: Yes. Make sure you have a good web host that won't shut you down atrepparttar 124277 first spam complaint. I've had several complaints and I only ever send email to personal friends or my subscriber list. Quite often it's a virus sendingrepparttar 124278 spam and not me. I've never sent spam in my life. It's just not worth risking everything you've worked hard for to lose over a single complaint!

Another thing: Don't complain to your subscribers! They don't want to hear it! If you use your ezine as a place to complain, then rewrite it, and rewrite it again until it's out of your system - then click send when you've rewritten it completely to sound more positive! :~)

Ask other publishers for resources and help. They'd be happy to help you out.

Try to keep organized so you don't spend too many hours getting your ezine ready. Make up a mental plan of what you want to include in advance, or write it down. Try not to publish late if you can help it, but these things do happen sometimes. :~)

Article by Ken Hill. Want To Publish Your Own E-zine? Don't Know Where To Start? Create as many e-mail lists as you want with unlimited, mailing list capable autoresponders. FREE 30 day trial.

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