Making the Most of Your Gold Nuggets

Written by Julie Jordan Scott

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Chooserepparttar PASSIONATE action for EXPONENTIAL Growth and Development. Action Tip: Today when you are spending time reading any personal growth material read it with a piece of paper or notebook beside you. Make a line inrepparttar 123991 middle ofrepparttar 123992 page lengthwise and labelrepparttar 123993 left side "Insights" or "Gold Nuggets" make note ofrepparttar 123994 Insights or Gold Nuggets as they occur. When you are done with your reading, reflect upon what Passionate (not Frenetic) Action you can take in regards to that insight. Writerepparttar 123995 action down. Commit to it. Simply TAKE PASSIONATE ACTION! You are on your way to Exponential Growth!

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Don't Quit Yet... It Gets Easier!

Written by John Colanzi

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The father can't understand whyrepparttar child is having problems. The path is clear and there are no obstacles in sight.

A little farther alongrepparttar 123990 father bends down to find out what's wrong. It finally hits him.

He's looking at a different world. The child being closer torepparttar 123991 ground can't see very far ahead. The travel seems so perilous.

When you first start your climb uprepparttar 123992 hill, you're so close torepparttar 123993 ground, you don't have a clear view ofrepparttar 123994 climb ahead. Once you start taking your first tentative steps uprepparttar 123995 hill, your view will become slightly clearer.

Every step you take uprepparttar 123996 hill reveals more and more of repparttar 123997 big picture. Keep climbing and you'll see a whole new world.

You don't have to be a genius. You just have to keep climbing.

Don't quit, it will get easier.

Inrepparttar 123998 words of Napoleon Hill, "The Ladder Of Success is never crowded atrepparttar 123999 top."

So keep climbing. A whole new world awaits.

Wishing You Success, John Colanzi Street Smart Marketing

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