Making sales online is easy, isn't it?

Written by Martin Avis

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You have to believe in yourself to achieve anything. If a man says he can and another says he can't, they are both right.

If at first you don't succeed, reinvent yourself. This is vital in Internet marketing. Test, test, test. That isrepparttar key that unlocksrepparttar 127278 door of success online. Nineteen times out of twenty your first idea won't make money. So what do you do? Give up? No! Learn why and move on.

There are many 'secrets' out there - most of them are free if you know where to look - that will tell you how to target your audience, which product to sell, how to get traffic, how to write great sales copy, how to create your own products, how to automate your business.

Butrepparttar 127279 biggest secret of all is this: you have to be willing to learn.

I started out online less than a year ago. My intention was to build up a newsletter, create a useful and resource-filled website, provide an online shop- window for my offline consultancy business, and, maybe, make a few dollars to cover my costs.

I have achieved all of that. I don't try to, or profess to make a fortune - that was never my intention. But almost as a by-product of doing what I love - writing, teaching and helping others - I generate a steadily growing income - currently about $250 a month. Enough to cover my costs and show a nice profit.

I've got to this stage by learning everything I can. I read endless reports and ebooks, spend time in forums, and, most importantly, learn from my own experiences.

Nobody can tell you how to do it. They can tell you how they did it. You have to dorepparttar 127280 rest.

Martin Avis is a management and training consultant. His free weekly newsletter, BizE-zine, is packed with articles, interviews and quotes to help you be the best in business or Internet marketing. or visit his information-packed website at

How To Sell To Customers Again and Again!

Written by Larry Dotson

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Next, you can send your back end offers. Give your customers plenty of incentives and deadlines to order. You could offer them a discount for ordering before a certain date. Tell them "first come first serve" you have only so many left in stock. Offer them bonus products if they order in a certain number of minutes. All these techniques can greatly increase your chances.

Finally, show your customers that you care about their business. Mail them greeting cards on holidays and birthdays. Send them surprise gifts once in a while. Invite them to company get togethers and parties. You can always include a subtle offer with each card, invitation or gift.

1000 Ways To Write, Create, Package And Sell Information Products!

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