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Written by Bill Quimby

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On a typical site you probably have several subpages. But there's nothing that says these pages have to start atrepparttar very top ofrepparttar 134818 page. If you put a bookmark or name tag right afterrepparttar 134819 headline (call it "TOP" so it sounds harmless and appropriate) and then add "#top" after page.htm in all your internal links and navigation. This will moverepparttar 134820 headlines offrepparttar 134821 top ofrepparttar 134822 screen on all subsequent pages inrepparttar 134823 site. Some browsers seem to treat this a little different at times and it's still visible if they scroll up, but it still looks alright.

See for an excellent example of this on allrepparttar 134824 internal subpages.

Exciting design doesn't always look as attractive to search engines. So this lets you giverepparttar 134825 search engines what they want, a clear understanding of what your page is about, and still make your pages attractive torepparttar 134826 visitors. Now, by makingrepparttar 134827 title, meta tags, headlines, alt tags, page text and even a few comments and directory names thrown in for good measure, all focus on this unique line you'll rank as high as possible for your chosen phrase. Now you can have your design and your search success atrepparttar 134828 same time!

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Written by Bob McElwain

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The old man may have offered a genuine bill. He may only want a bottle of wine. He may be trying to cut a deal because no local shopkeeper will takerepparttar bill as real.

Jeffery may have stolenrepparttar 134817 suit and shoes, and be pushing counterfeit bills. He may only be scratching for enough to get himself on a plane and out ofrepparttar 134818 state before he's arrested. Heck, serial killers are often gracious types.

But Image Is Everything Initially

Most anyone would risk ten bucks for a hundred offered by a fellow in an Armani suit. And most would ignorerepparttar 134819 same offer fromrepparttar 134820 old man above. It's justrepparttar 134821 way things are. There's no right or wrong about it.

When you approach that office to closerepparttar 134822 big sale, you want to be certain you are well groomed and that your clothes are appropriate. And once inside, you will behave as if your wallet is stuffed to overflowing with hundred dollar bills. The latter matters most whenrepparttar 134823 wallet is empty.

Why? Because unless you radiate this image, that fellow behindrepparttar 134824 desk is not going to go for your deal, no matter how good it may in fact be.

Put Your Site Into An Armani Suit And Guccis

This isrepparttar 134825 image your site must present. A visitor must capture it all in a glance, even before reading your headline. The overall visual impact setsrepparttar 134826 initial bias in your visitor's mind. If this impact and your headline do not bring immediate interest, your visitor will be history. He or she will not care one whit aboutrepparttar 134827 great offer you were unable to make.

At least for your website, image *is* everything. That first impression matters more than anything else on your site. For if a visitor does not linger long enough to read your fantastic offer, you can't makerepparttar 134828 sale.

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