Making money from online business

Written by Bright Johnson

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As you can see,repparttar three leaders have: (Google) 45.85%, (Yahoo) 15.35%, and (MSN) 10.86%. Whilerepparttar 147472 four losers, AOL, Dogpile, Ask Jeeves, Alta Vista, have a combination of only 6%. Did you noticerepparttar 147473 gap Google gave Yahoo and MSN? Then did you noticerepparttar 147474 gap Google gaverepparttar 147475 combine group of losers? No wonder Google’s stock rose considerably from $190 in February to $220 on May 1 2005. With Google stock now trading above $290, analyst vow that it’s heading for $350 or more—its market value is now about $80 billion. But why is Google leading and some losing? Google is leading simply because it wants to.

In business, as in every thing in life,repparttar 147476 winners will always find a way to win andrepparttar 147477 losers will always find a way to lose. Whatever business you are or intend to go into, you must have a backup plan for market control least you remain a loser.

Most people start a business but fail to advance. They are technicians, artists, marketers, not entrepreneurs. You need help—a holistic plan. Visit and download Secrets of billionaires—how to be super rich free and learn how to prosper a business.

Mind you, a market leader need not controlrepparttar 147478 world market. Your market could be your street, your community, state, country, continent, or if you likerepparttar 147479 whole world. You just need to have a measure of control. Microsoft knowsrepparttar 147480 value of control, Dell does, Walt Mart does, and all billionaires and super rich know damn well thatrepparttar 147481 market leaders makerepparttar 147482 money.

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Guidelines for Conducting a Good Meeting

Written by Denise OBerry

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- Appoint a scribe to document meeting results

- Have a "parking lot" for topics not onrepparttar agenda - at end of meeting - Review parking lot, decide resolution, assign follow-up, if appropriate

- Anyone who feelsrepparttar 147467 process is not supportingrepparttar 147468 objectives ofrepparttar 147469 meeting should speak up and share this observation

- Decide date and time for next meeting, if needed

- Debriefrepparttar 147470 meeting (should take less than 5 minutes). Ask questions like Wasrepparttar 147471 meeting necessary? Didrepparttar 147472 meeting begin and end on time? Wasrepparttar 147473 agenda adhered to? Were participants objective, and all viewpoints heard? Were outside interruptions avoided? Did all participants have an opportunity to contribute? Were digressions and repetitions avoided? Were win/win solutions achieved? Was feedback offered and accepted?

- End on time

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