Making a Custom Aluminum Dashboard

Written by Lala C. Ballatan

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Forrepparttar underside ofrepparttar 102695 dash: 1.Cut outrepparttar 102696 profile using a hacksaw / bandsaw / plasma cutter 2.Smooth off and finish offrepparttar 102697 edges 3.Use file, wet & dry, wire wool, flap wheel to remove cutting marks. 4.Bendrepparttar 102698 ‘mounting lugs’ torepparttar 102699 correct angle usingrepparttar 102700 original dash as a pattern 5.To surface finish, holdrepparttar 102701 drill with both hands and ranrepparttar 102702 flap wheel downrepparttar 102703 dash in one smooth, even stroke, starting at one side.

Finish-off by getting some Methylated spirit and de-greaserepparttar 102704 dash, taking care not to leave any finger marks. Then, spray with a few coats of acrylic lacquer. For fitting and connections,repparttar 102705 speedo cable fits fine. The article “Install a rev counter on your motorcycle” at auto_and_trucks/article_195.shtml may help you withrepparttar 102706 wiring andrepparttar 102707 fitting ofrepparttar 102708 dash. You’ll find it complicating but once you’ve finished, you’ll be even prouder of having your Moto Guzzi motorcycle with its new dashboard!-30-

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The most important accessory for your sports bike

Written by Granny's Mettle

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•Tires According to Keigwin, tires are another important component when it comes to handling motorcycles. "Simple knowledge of howrepparttar different types of tires help maneuverability may also help you be a faster and smoother rider," he suggests.

Keigwin further suggests reducing weight from unsprung parts such as wheels, rotors, sprockets and engine parts. He said that this technique helps in handlingrepparttar 102694 motorcycle better. His opinion is that some ofrepparttar 102695 weight ofrepparttar 102696 components may createrepparttar 102697 effect that makesrepparttar 102698 motorcycle go straight. However, by installing lighter components, according to Keigwin, helps in improving considerablyrepparttar 102699 handling ofrepparttar 102700 motorcycle. For him, "Power is almost atrepparttar 102701 end of my list of priorities; right before cosmetics."

•Handling factor The handling factor also comes as a priority above power and cosmetics. This is according to Alex Florea of AFMotorsports. Florea said that to an average rider, several things may not be so visible. This includes installing taller tires without adjustingrepparttar 102702 geometry. This may cause riders to loose stability and may need to adjustrepparttar 102703 triple clamps onrepparttar 102704 forks to make up forrepparttar 102705 difference. With regards to slicks, he suggests that DOT tires are better investments.

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