Making Time For The Family

Written by Jay Harris

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Ifrepparttar children are used to your spending more time with them, try and involve them in some aspect of your business. Take them torepparttar 148165 post office with you to pick up your mail. Talk with them about school or other things that interest them while you're both inrepparttar 148166 car. Ask them to droprepparttar 148167 mail inrepparttar 148168 mailbox while you are cleaning out your post office box. Even a small amount of responsibility in your business builds up a respect for your work and they will give you more space when you need to take time away from them.

If your children are young - take a nap when they are a sleep and work long hours after they go to bed at night. If you work a full-time job, take some lunches by yourself and study your business-related materials. You'd be amazed how much research and new ideas you can come up with in 1 hour at lunch undisturbed over a peanut butter sandwich. Save money too! Carry a mini-cassette recorder or pad of paper with you every place you go. Write down ideas that come into your mind and review these ideas while eating supper or watching television. I'm sure you can find time to build your business - it just takes a little thought. It may not always berepparttar 148169 amount of time you want and need - but you can squeeze some time in somewhere. Just find out "what" method worksrepparttar 148170 best for you!

There are a lot of excellent books onrepparttar 148171 market about managing your time successfully. Find one and read it. Your family, friends and other human relationships are very, very important to your mental attitude. Don't alienate them completely. Just find ways you can enjoyrepparttar 148172 best of both worlds and everyone will be happy - including you and your business.

Some other ideas:

. If you are involved in mail order, start an adsheet for your kids or spouse. Involve them in their own money-making plan!

. Have a business name that includesrepparttar 148173 names of members of your family. It will make them feel that they are an important part of what you're doing.

. Agree to give your family a certain amount ofrepparttar 148174 profits from your business.

. Set up a vacation fund or other goal that benefits your family!

Article by Jay Harris of IMI Concepts. Visit his website

Magbility - expert help for the newly disabled

Written by malcolm james pugh

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Magbility offer a full range of scooters to meet all your needs. Do you want a small compact boot scooter, that folds away in seconds to fit inrepparttar boot of your car. Or maybe our midi range would suit your needs offering something a bit more robust and comfortable, but that will still fold away in you car boot. Atrepparttar 148079 top ofrepparttar 148080 range we have our best sellerrepparttar 148081 Invacare Auriga, truly a road performance scooter, andrepparttar 148082 Strider Maxi, with a very stylish design and a range of 30 miles and many accessories. Phone us today and get our expert, impartial advice on which scooter would best suit your needs. Magbility provides allrepparttar 148083 necessary daily living aids that make life so much easier forrepparttar 148084 elderly and infirm. From simple items like easy to use can openers and bendable cutlery, through walking aid products like sticks and tri-walker shopping bags, to a comprehensive range of wheelchairs and allrepparttar 148085 accessories to go with them. We have a wide range of beds, pillows and cushions designed to make your life more comfortable. Please call and discuss your specific needs with our expert, friendly staff today. For more information click this link

aged 53. retired ex systems programmer trying to help others out now.

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