Making The Most Of Your Smart Decision To Hire An Interior Designer

Written by Leta Palatino-Ash

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To ensure that your designer understands how you live now and how you want to live, share as many details with her as you can. Also share your personal tastes so she can incorporate them intorepparttar designs. If you hate plaid, tell her now, before she gets too deep intorepparttar 100073 first draft.

To help you better prepare yourself, answer these questions before you have your first meeting withrepparttar 100074 designer:

* Are you a creative person? In what ways does your home limit your creativity or your hobbies?

* Do you likerepparttar 100075 present color palette? Does it need updating?

* Are they any rooms that feel cramped or stuffy? Any rooms that feel empty, cold or unwelcoming?

* Is adequate, well-organized storage a problem? Can you find things when you need them?

* Are your bathrooms functional, pleasing spaces? Do you or family members have special needs (e.g. grab bars, easy-entrance shower stalls, etc.)?

* As you walk through your rooms, jot down your favorite qualities about each. Do you likerepparttar 100076 proportions? Is there adequate ventilation and lighting throughout your house?

* Are there any rooms that you don’t use regularly? Could any of these rooms be used for more than one function? Could any of these rooms be used for a completely different function?

* Does your home balance open space and private areas?

* Doesrepparttar 100077 entryway do its job of settingrepparttar 100078 stage forrepparttar 100079 rest of your home by welcoming guests and making a statement aboutrepparttar 100080 people who live there? If you normally come into your home throughrepparttar 100081 garage, does that area welcome you?

Focus on Your Challenges A designer works best when you share your “wish list,” express your ideas, and then keep an open mind. That means communicating how you want to live inrepparttar 100082 space and then entrustingrepparttar 100083 designer to make it happen. After all, you hired this person for her experience, talent and vision!

For example, one homeowner hired a designer to help her reorganize her tiny office so she could be more productive. Instead,repparttar 100084 designer suggested that she move her entire operation downstairs, intorepparttar 100085 den she used once every two months to watch movies. She did, tripling her space and doubling her productivity in just three months.

Contrary to TV, where designers admonish clients for questioning their plans, real-life designers understand that you’rerepparttar 100086 person who ultimately needs to loverepparttar 100087 space. They want you to be happy and want you to give your input so you’re absolutely thrilled withrepparttar 100088 results (and so you’ll recommend them to your friends)! That’s why they do so much probing upfront about your tastes and how you live, then incrementally present their ideas throughoutrepparttar 100089 process.

Hiring a designer is like giving a gift to yourself! You maderepparttar 100090 smart decision to hire an Interior Designer, you’ve been smart aboutrepparttar 100091 planning process, and now you can rest assured thatrepparttar 100092 time, money and energy you spend returns truly smart, stunning results!

The principals of LLK Interior Design have been creating beautiful, practical spaces for clients around the Puget Sound for a combined total of 16 years. Later this year they will appear in an episode of HGTV’s popular show “Designers’ Challenge.” The principals are members of the American Society of Interior Designers, the Master Builders Association and Built Green. Contact: 425.455.2099, or

How to choose the canvas for your awning

Written by Carlos Mello

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If you chooserepparttar canvas of your awning takingrepparttar 100072 above suggestions, certainly you will have an awning with excellent useful life, allowingrepparttar 100073 change ofrepparttar 100074 canvas to be in a much larger period thanrepparttar 100075 standard one.

To improverepparttar 100076 useful life ofrepparttar 100077 canvas of your awning, we suggested thatrepparttar 100078 canvas cleaning to be in every 3 or 4 weeks and using a neutral detergent.

Those two decisions

- A good choice ofrepparttar 100079 canvas type

- Cleaning ofrepparttar 100080 awning at each 3 or 4 weeks

will give you a very larger useful life for your awning.

About the Author:

Carlos Mello is the Director of Arquitetoldos, an awnings manufacturing company. See the sites and .

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