Making The Most Of A Small Bathroom

Written by Steven Cooper

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Then itís time to targetrepparttar high-level spaces Ė stylish hooks and hangers can effectively replacerepparttar 146485 need for bulky closets, whilst a large ladder style heated towel rail can happily accommodate all necessary towels and dressing gowns.

Donít just give up onrepparttar 146486 difficult or unusual spaces your bathroom may present to you. Corner fitting WCs and basins can squeeze in torepparttar 146487 tightest of spots, whilst short projection bathroom furniture and ceramic ware options should also prove equally economic with space.

3 - Get multifunctional

If space is really at a premium, try selecting bathroom fittings and fixtures that serve more than one purpose. Choosing a combined shower bath will allow yourepparttar 146488 option of relaxed bathing or rapid and refreshing showering without occupyingrepparttar 146489 amount of space otherwise needed. Then thereísrepparttar 146490 dual functionality ofrepparttar 146491 heated towel rail, working as both a radiator and a storage feature, or bathroom cabinets that provide shelf space, lighting and mirrors.

Finally, look to combine individual bathroom items to create harmonious multifunctional bathroom features. An inset ceramic basin can be housed on top of a short projection vanity unit to create a stylish washstand with ample low-level storage.

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Steven Cooper

Vintage Labels On Marble Tiles

Written by Alicia Tapp

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Alternate wine label images on tumbled marble tiles to create a wine collectors dream environment. Looking for something different? Vintage Veggie, fruit or flower seed packets transferred onto marble for a kitchen backsplash, pantry or garden room. Crazy about pets? Vintage cat and dog food can labels on tiles will complete your pets Bark Avenue suite. A dressing area with old hotel and airline tiles randomly placed on a marble wall as a backdrop for your favorite vintage Louis Vuitton trunk-- ooh la la

There are no limits to your imagination and collection .

Alicia Tapp

We transfer fine art, vintage labels and personal photos onto marble tiles to create a wall mural or backsplash. We have an extensive collection of images on our website, or you can submit your own

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