Making The Dot Compromise: Consider Dot Net

Written by Heather Reimer

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Shelley Lowery also buckedrepparttar trend. Three years ago, she had to choose between sacrificing her favorite name, which was already taken, or makingrepparttar 108303 dot compromise.

Lowery tookrepparttar 108304 bull byrepparttar 108305 horns and registered her business as . Today, it's a highly- respected guide to professional web design and development with a dedicated following. Lowery says going .net didn't hurt a bit.

"A few years ago it seemed everyone was convinced that if you didn't get a .com domain you were a second class citizen. Things have changed considerably withrepparttar 108306 addition ofrepparttar 108307 new domain name suffixes andrepparttar 108308 extended number of characters.

"In my opinion, you have just as much of a chance of your visitors finding you with a .net or .ws suffix as you would if you settled for an alphabet soup domain name like"

Onrepparttar 108309 other hand,repparttar 108310 website says we shouldn't be afraid of using a longer name. Shorter isn't necessarily better inrepparttar 108311 scramble for a domain name.

"Just as company names continually break boundaries inrepparttar 108312 effort to be both unique and memorable, so too must domain names extend beyondrepparttar 108313 currently prevailing convention of simple words with as few characters as possible."

But that may end up being a moot point. New technologies and new suffixes (like .info, .pro and .biz, among others) will blow apartrepparttar 108314 dot com obsession.

Internet users will adapt torepparttar 108315 ever-changing online environment, as they always have. And we'll all be laughing that we were ever so distraught overrepparttar 108316 dot com dilemma.

Inrepparttar 108317 meantime, be a rebel. Stay open torepparttar 108318 options and try to enjoy what should be one ofrepparttar 108319 most fun parts of starting a new business - choosing a domain name!

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Candice Pardue

Written by Candice Pardue

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2. Your domain name should be directly related to your offer or information available at your website.

For example, is directly related to web design training. In monitoring our website statistics, I've noticed that we have many visitors each month who arrive at our website by simply typing inrepparttar domain name instead of arriving through search engines, other links, etc. Of course, this was not so atrepparttar 108302 start. But, as visitors began coming, they began memorizingrepparttar 108303 domain name and repeating their visits in this fashion.

3. If possible, use a generic name that people might would type in without ever hearing about you.

For example, is very generic, and I'm sure many people simply type this name in to see what's available inrepparttar 108304 web design field.

Other "very" generic names I can think of are: etc....

Although many ofrepparttar 108305 most popular generic names are reserved, it would be wise to search forrepparttar 108306 most generic name possible in your field that's easy to remember.

The three above tips will help you choose a domain name that will tremendously increase your repeat visitor rate. A website must first be designed, and then built upon a solid visitor flow. A simple, easy-to-remember domain name is a great start to reaching your goal!

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