Making Sense of Diamond Grading Specs!

Written by Keith Thompson

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CUT - Most people think thatrepparttar cut of a diamond refers to it's shape. That's not so. It actually refers torepparttar 149663 way a diamond is shaped to refract light, thus enabling it to sparkle. This is quite an art and requires that each facet ofrepparttar 149664 stone be cut at precise angles to each other, inrepparttar 149665 correct shape and size, to bring aboutrepparttar 149666 desired effect. Each diamond shape has different measurements for it's particular dimensions. There are eight basic shapes popular today, and they are, in no particular order; heart, princess, pear, marquise, radiant, emerald, oval and round.

Understanding these characteristics can make a diamond jewelry purchase much less nerve-racking. You're spending a good deal of money; it's nice to know what you're spending it on!

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A smile a day keeps the demons away

Written by Stephen Hill

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we would go to lunch together. I would meet him inrepparttar canteen at 1pm and would be waiting in my gloomy state of mind for him to arrive. Arrive he certianly did, always with a beaming smile on his face. We would sit down and talk whilst eating our lunch and he never had a negative word to say. When he talked, he talked with passion, about sports and films. One day it dawned on me, if Stuart (who from what I know of him, seemingly has nothing) can always be positive, happy and smiling, why can't I?

This wasrepparttar 149662 beginning of a new era in my life. An era of being positive, appreciating what I have got and more than anything else, plenty of smiles.

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