Making Reciprocal links Work For You

Written by Rob Wiley

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You get a reciprocal link.

You get new content.

You get to promote your product on a new page.

Your reciprocator gets a new page that promotes their product.

This is just one idea and brief in explanation at that. If you don't quite get it let me know and I will try to explain in a different manner.

If you are a new media professional such as a web designer or graphic artist you can test this idea at You can submit your content by providing a link back to just visitrepparttar site for details. gets indexed on a daily basis from Google so your 5 minutes will be well worthrepparttar 119370 time spent onrepparttar 119371 process of reciprocating.

Happy website promoting to you!

Rob Wiley has spent the last 14 years serving the media industry in fields involving graphic design, marketing, website design and development. His experience has been shared with numerous businesses that have profited from his advice and skills.

Buying and Selling Text Links

Written by Carmelo

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Some links are better than others:

High PR pages arerepparttar most popular on these auctions, but even low PR pages are. A new start-up site can turn from PR 0 to PR 4 just buy getting a link from a PR5 site. So Pr 5 links are also in demand.

If you have a good site with good content you can sell text links on it. The price for a link from a high PR page is high but low PR page links are still they are in demand. The great news is that at are charging no fess torepparttar 119369 buyer or seller!

So webmasters

Some prices one can sell text links on his site for:

PR5 text link: $25/mo. PR6 text link: $120/mo. PR7 text link: $150/mo. PR8 text link: $250/mo. +++ PR9 text link: none for sale ! is a genuine service that is making a difference inrepparttar 119370 working practices ofrepparttar 119371 SEO andrepparttar 119372 everyday webmaster. Try us today it is genuinely free.

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