Making OE Stationery

Written by Joyce C. Lock

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If you don't like what you've created, go here, and deleterepparttar Internet file (leavingrepparttar 141482 gif or jpeg):

C:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft SharedStationery

Then, create it all over again, withrepparttar 141483 desired changes.

Note: anytime you change your mind, while inrepparttar 141484 process of creating a stationery, prior to clicking to Finish, you can click Back, makerepparttar 141485 desired changes, then click Next (already selected options will remain until you change them or begin a new stationery creation).

by Joyce C. Lock This writing may be used in its entirety, with credits in tact, for non-profit ministering purposes.

Joyce C. Lock is a published author, poet, and columnist. In addition, she founded and maintains the email ministries "Heavenly Inspirations" and "Share a Smile"

Shorten Your Blogging-RSS Learning and Submission Curve

Written by Robert Hart

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Here arerepparttar reasons you should not ignore Blog advertising:

Remember when all search engines were free, and simply submitting your web sites got you listed quickly? Gone.

Then it was FFA pages, they brought in a ton of free traffic, built links to your site, and added to your mailing list like crazy. Tried one lately? Safelists were an online goldmine for a while... until bottom less email accounts were introduced.

Website sumbmissions now can take anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks to be indexed. While blogs and rss feeds can be indexed anywhere from 2-8 days which is better for you??

So once again I implore you to be one ofrepparttar 141324 first in line and not be last again. This isrepparttar 141325 new trend just beginning to breakthrough. A few years or months from now you'll be able to sit back and smile as you watchrepparttar 141326 rest ofrepparttar 141327 net stampeding to catch up.

Robert Hart Affiliate website marketer, Info Broker, Webinar Moderator, Author Data Miner Advantage

Background in I/T and telecom and most recently over the last 6 yrs have been an affiliate website marketer

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