Making Money ..... Understanding the Stock Market & Why Stocks Go UP

Written by Larry Connors

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The worst thing that can happen to a beginner momentum trader is to get information overload. It's better to go step by step, and test a practical stock trading strategy that can show you how to focus on concrete ways to make money while picking SOLID hot stock trading opportunities once at a time.

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Inrepparttar 150413 end, momentum trading is all about buying and selling stocks according to your especific knowledge FILTER. Once you master and follow your proven filter parameters like a clock, you can expect to start making serious amounts of cash on a consistent basis.

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Get It Done! Soft Skills not Hard Tools are Required

Written by Chuck Yorke

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However, as we all know, it’srepparttar people who dorepparttar 150118 work, not maps or set-up calculations. In a Lean organization, it’srepparttar 150119 people who dorepparttar 150120 work that createrepparttar 150121 standardized work, not managers or engineers. In his book, The Toyota Way, Jeffrey Liker explains, “it’srepparttar 150122 people who bringrepparttar 150123 system to life: working, communicating, resolving issues, and growing together.”

Toyota, on its website, states that “Improvements and suggestions by team members arerepparttar 150124 cornerstone of Toyota’s success.” Managers act as coaches and develop their people. Once again, let’s not forget, it’srepparttar 150125 people who dorepparttar 150126 work. Continuous improvement is part ofrepparttar 150127 work.

It’s easy to see (but somehow difficult for some of us to embrace) that any organization can effectively follow Toyota’s lead. Managers only need to coach and develop their people. Communication isrepparttar 150128 key. Interpersonal skills training,repparttar 150129 “soft” stuff is actually more important thanrepparttar 150130 “hard” stuff.

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Chuck Yorke is an organizational development and performance improvement specialist, trainer, consultant and speaker. He is co-author of All You Gotta Do Is Ask, a book that explains how to promote large numbers of ideas from employees. Chuck may be reached at

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