Making Money From Affiliate Programs

Written by Elena Fawkner

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My current best selling program earns me $90 a sale. I don't do anything different to promote that than I dorepparttar program that makes me $20 a sale. If it takesrepparttar 102628 same amount of time and effort to make a sale from each program, why wouldn't I focus my energies onrepparttar 102629 $90 commission product?

Contrary to what many believe, it is no harder to sell a $247 product than it is to sell a $50 product. Don't prejudge your audience. Make sure you offer programs that are relevant to their interests (and which you're proud to promote - that should go without saying but just in case ...) andrepparttar 102630 mere fact that you're bringing targeted buyers and highly relevant products together will dorepparttar 102631 rest, statistically speaking. Never, never forget - making money in an online business is a numbers game, pure and simple. Generate enough traffic and you'll generate sales. But if you generate traffic that doesn't match your product line, forget about it.


To finish off, here's a few miscellaneous considerations to take into account when selecting your affiliate programs.

=> How Long Dorepparttar 102632 Cookies Last?

Always go for programs that will credit you withrepparttar 102633 sale even ifrepparttar 102634 customer doesn't buy onrepparttar 102635 first visit. That high paying program I mentioned above? 90% ofrepparttar 102636 sales come fromrepparttar 102637 follow-up messages sent byrepparttar 102638 owner ofrepparttar 102639 program once I give himrepparttar 102640 lead.

That's pretty typical of all affiliate programs. You've heard that it takes an average of seven exposures to a message before a prospect will buy, right? Well, what happens to your commissions if you only get paid for direct sales (i.e. whererepparttar 102641 customer buys onrepparttar 102642 first visit following a direct link from your site)? Right. You get maybe 10% ofrepparttar 102643 commissions you would have earned fromrepparttar 102644 program ifrepparttar 102645 customer was tagged as yours for a period of time (and preferably for life).

Always readrepparttar 102646 terms and conditions ofrepparttar 102647 affiliate program carefully before investing your time and effort. If it says anything like "if customer later makes a purchase on a repeat visit that does not originate from your link, you will not qualify for a commission on such sale" keep looking.

Some programs will place a cookie onrepparttar 102648 customer's hard disk for 45 days or so which means that if that customer returns in three weeks to eventually make a purchase, that customer will be identified as "yours" and you will getrepparttar 102649 commission. Some programs even offer "lifetime customers", that is,repparttar 102650 customer is yours for life even if they come back in three years time and buy a completely different product.

=> Stats Reporting

Look for real-time reporting of statistics including hits and sales. Then check to make sure thatrepparttar 102651 hitsrepparttar 102652 affiliate program records are in line with your own stats tracking. This is easy to do. I use Roibot to track all clicks I'm interested in monitoring whether it's a program I'm promoting or whether I'm just interested in how many people click on a particular link to an article, for example. (To check outrepparttar 102653 Roibot suite of marketing tools, click this (Roibot) link: ).

=> Frequency (and Amount) of Payments

Some programs will only pay once you accumulate a certain amount of commission dollars. That's OK ... it keeps admin costs down and therefore makes more ofrepparttar 102654 profit available for payment of generous commissions ... but if it's disproportionately high compared torepparttar 102655 amount ofrepparttar 102656 base commission, consider another program.

If it takes you a year to accumulate $50 in commissions, ask yourself how likely is it that this particular company will still be around in one years? Even if you have no concerns on that score, if it's taking you a year to accumulate $50 worth of commissions, this is not a program that's giving a particularly good return on your investment of time and effort. Look for something more productive.

=> How Long Established?

Related torepparttar 102657 previous discussion, think twice before investing too much time and effort on newly established programs. Add these to your portfolio by all means, but make your staple programsrepparttar 102658 tried and trues.

=> What is Their Policy on Spam?

Nothing irritates me more than to receive spam from someone promoting one ofrepparttar 102659 programs that I promote (well, OK, other things do irritate me more but you get my point). Not because I get into a tizz about spam per se (unlike apparently 90% ofrepparttar 102660 internet population I have more important things to worry about), but such tactics bringrepparttar 102661 program into disrepute because it suggests thatrepparttar 102662 owner ofrepparttar 102663 program condones spam and ifrepparttar 102664 owner ofrepparttar 102665 program condones it, how much value does he or she place onrepparttar 102666 program? Not much.

So look for programs with strict anti-spam policies.


Finally, a word about patience. This is a slow and steady winsrepparttar 102667 race game as well as a numbers game. Don't spitrepparttar 102668 dummy, throw inrepparttar 102669 towel, chuckrepparttar 102670 Glomesh ontorepparttar 102671 shagpile (or whatever your vernacular equivalent of a dummy spit is) because you don't make a single sale in your first month with a new program.

By all means take a closer look at how wellrepparttar 102672 product fits in withrepparttar 102673 demographics of your audience (website and ezine) but if it's a good fit, don't throwrepparttar 102674 baby out withrepparttar 102675 bathwater (enough withrepparttar 102676 metaphors already, OK). Instead, refine your marketing approach, tweak your ads, brainstorm for more creative ways of promotingrepparttar 102677 program.

Don't just writerepparttar 102678 program off as bad until you're sure it's not going to work for you. There may be some peculiar demographic factor common to your group that you're not aware of but until you've given it a good try, don't assume that'srepparttar 102679 case.

As a general rule, so long as you're sure thatrepparttar 102680 product is a good fit, work with it for a year to give it a real chance of performing for you. The internet landscape is strewn withrepparttar 102681 carcasses of would-be successful entrepreneurs whose only mistake was giving up too soon. Don't be one of them.

Elena Fawkner is editor of A Home-Based Business Online ... practical home business ideas, resources and strategies for the work- from home entrepreneur.

How To Choose An Affiliate Program

Written by Joe Bingham

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you? Or how you think it will sell to others? Once you buy into a program, you will be selling to othersrepparttar same thing that you just bought. If you liked what was there, if you wanted what it offered, if you thought highly of it, chances are most others will as well. It will be 'individuals' looking at a program on your recommendation, not just 'people' in general. Individuals pay for things, individuals who will look to you asrepparttar 102627 one who got them into it. Can you proudly say, "This is my program, check it out!" Would you say that to people visiting you in your own home? Or would you feel better hiding behind an affiliate ID number and just throwing your ads out in cyberspace to 'people' in general? The only opinion inrepparttar 102628 whole world that you really, truly understand is your own. Don't judge a program on how you 'think' others will react to it, judge it by what YOU see and understand. Why? Because that is what everyone else that visitsrepparttar 102629 site will be doing. Now, look at programs with a new mindset. Ask yourself whererepparttar 102630 people offeringrepparttar 102631 program are located. Ask yourself how it will all work. Are they real people offering you information, or is it just a site asking for your credit card number? It all boils down to a choice between programs with real people offering real information and value, and programs that are merely hype selling hype. Sure, that row of shouting carnival salesmen will take in some money, but how long are they going to be in town? If you are seeking true residual income, stick with value that plans on being around. That's something you can identify yourself, without trying to 'think' about what will sell to others.

Joe Bingham, editor of the NetPlay Newsletters.

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