Making Mom Happy on Her Special Day

Written by Shauna Hanus

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Prepare a mom friendly brunch that will have her telling all her friends what amazing offspring she has. Startrepparttar brunch with a large bowl of fresh fruit and crepes dusted with powdered sugar. Then serve mom a crust less quiche accompanied by warm fresh baked rolls. Donít forget to fill that special tea pot with stepping hot loose leaf tea such as an English breakfast or an Earl Grey.

Now sit back and relax enjoying your cup of tea andrepparttar 136680 wonderful company in your presence today. As your day with mom comes to an end remind her how much you love and appreciate her and that every day with your mother is mothersí day to you.

Shauna Hanus is a gourmet cook who specializes in creating gourmet meal plans. Her menus include a full five courses that are easy to follow and enjoyable to create.

Helen's Summerstyle Leg of Lamb

Written by Helen Porter

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Once cooked place to one side and leave for 15 minutes to absorbrepparttar juices. Takerepparttar 136660 roasting tin and allrepparttar 136661 juices and filter through a fine sieve. This is what you will use forrepparttar 136662 stock. Put this back into a pan and reduce down, you may need to add a little cornflour to thicken depending on how you like your stock. The Greeks like it quite thick, I'm told by my staff.

You can preparerepparttar 136663 side dish at any time as you only need to reheat it for a few minutes. In a blender put allrepparttar 136664 side dish ingredients and roughly blend (blitz function) - note this should not be a puree - you need to keep some texture.

I love to serve this dish with baby new boil potatoes which have been left to cool. Put a few inrepparttar 136665 middle of a plate and place some lamb onrepparttar 136666 top, then drizzlerepparttar 136667 pea and mint aroundrepparttar 136668 plate.

If it's dinner forrepparttar 136669 family I would suggest some roast potatoes, lamb covered in thick gravy andrepparttar 136670 pea and mint as a side.


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