Making Internet Chat Safe For Your Children.

Written by David D. Deprice

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IamBigBrother records all ofrepparttar internet activity for many programs including America Online, MSN, Outlook Express and more. And it logs all keystrokes typed in EVERY program along with screen shots. So basically IamBigBrother monitors EVERYTHING on your computer.

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SpyTech SpyAgent

SpyAgent gives yourepparttar 151149 power to log all websites visited, windows viewed, applications ran, internet connections made, passwords entered, documents printed, AIM/AOL/ICQ/Yahoo/MSN conversations made, documents opened, emails sent/received, and even capture screenshots ofrepparttar 151150 user's activities. SpyAgent can be run on Windows startup in active monitoring mode with an optional splash warning screen. This allows you to haverepparttar 151151 option to let others using your workstation that they are being monitored (or not). A built in stealth mode is available to keep users from task-ending or knowing about SpyAgent.

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The Future of Communications - Voice Over Internet

Written by Jill Meluson

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When compared to analog phone service, VOIP is cheaper and hasrepparttar same quality of service. Since VOIP uses a single network to transfer voice and data,repparttar 150772 overall cost per call is cheaper torepparttar 150773 service provider then using two separate networks.

When voice and data are transferred together on a single network,repparttar 150774 service providers only need to build and maintain one network, thus hire less staff. These companies have also learned to manage both voice traffic and data applications correctly to reduce any sacrifice in quality.

Although there is a monthly charge forrepparttar 150775 service, VOIP phones cost aboutrepparttar 150776 same as a regular business phone. With all of its benefits, VOIP should takerepparttar 150777 place of analog telephone service within a few years.

About the author: Jill Meluson is the Marketing Director for which is a subsidiary of Grand Slam Telecommunications. For more on VOIP and business communications please visit

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