Making Chinese Tea

Written by Wong Yee Lee

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Examples of black tea: Pu'er Cake tea Brick tea

White tea White tea is a kind of day dry tea which is lightly fermented to a degree of 20% - 30%. Tea leaves are usually young ones covered with white fur.

Examples of white tea: Longevity Eyebrow White Peony Silver Needle White Fur

Green tea Light green tea is a kind of tea lightly fermented to a degree of 30% - 60%. Tea leaves are green inrepparttar middle and red onrepparttar 113154 fringe. This type of tea gives a taste of fruit or flowers.

Examples of Light green tea: Water Fairy SONG Species Long Bush Iron Guan Yin

Red tea Red tea is a kind of tea fermented to a degree of 80% - 90%. Western countries usually call it Black Tea. It usually gives a taste of roses.

Examples of red tea: Red Tea

Tea sets Tea pot - Zisha tea pot is known asrepparttar 113155 best tea pot for making tea with. Colours vary from dark purple, red to light yellow. Zisha tea pots have very tiny holes suitable for brewing tea. Also, it prevents any chemical changes from taking place.

Tea spoon - The best tea spoon would be made of bamboo. It is also used for removing any tea leaves from blockingrepparttar 113156 tea mouth.

Tea boat - It is used for laying tea pot and tea cups. The first rinse of water would be poured intorepparttar 113157 tea boat. This water can also be used for rinsing tea cups.

Tea cloth - It is used for wipingrepparttar 113158 water outsiderepparttar 113159 tea pot.

Tea cups - The right size of tea cups would be used for their appropriate corresponding size of tea pots.

Healing aspects of Chinese tea Chinese tea is known to have good healing power. It not only boosts health but also allows longevity. However, we should avoid tea which has been left cool for a long time or overnight.

Take Oolong as an example, it can reducerepparttar 113160 fat in blood. It has been known for a long time that tea can reducerepparttar 113161 fat in human body. Or take Pu'er or white tea as an example, it would be ideal for people to maintain a slim body. Apart fromrepparttar 113162 effects above, allrepparttar 113163 three teas can reducerepparttar 113164 possibility of developing cancer.

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Two for One Dinners: Turkey

Written by Michele Webb

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DINNER - NIGHT TWO: Turkey and Pear Salad

A night or two later, when you need a quick meal, choprepparttar leftover turkey and fold it, with diced peares, into a little mayoannaise and lemon juice. Sprinkle with curry powder, salt and pepper and serve on a bed of romaine lettuce. No cooking required! This also makes a great lunchbox salad.

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