Making A Small Store Go

Written by Kevin Nunley

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Quality. As you can quickly see, you get better quality when you don't rush your marketing. A top writer can take several weeks to write your sales letter. We've worked 7 days a week to improverepparttar speed for good writing, but long copy can take a professional writer several days of full-time work to complete. Many expert designers like to flesh out several versions of your ad, web site look, or logo before deciding onrepparttar 117765 best. That, too, takes time.

Price. Planning your marketing well in advance can save you lots of money. Let's say you started planning this year's ad plan way back in October of last year. Today you would be taking full advantage of advance ad buys, slack times for media, maybe be in line to get cheap regional or remnant space in national magazines.

More than anything else, planning your marketing well in advance will help you avoid knee-jerk moves. Most marketing efforts fail becauserepparttar 117766 owner pullsrepparttar 117767 plug too soon and starts a new plan. Insisting on taking your time will make your marketing more consistent and effective.

Once you've marketed your way intorepparttar 117768 hearts of your customers, a great tactic is to find a way to keep them coming back. A great restarant downrepparttar 117769 street from me devised a great plan during this past holiday season:

When I went torepparttar 117770 cash register to pay my tabrepparttar 117771 waiter handed me a $15 gift certificate. "That's a gift to thank you for coming in each week," he said. How can this struggling restaurant afford to give away gift certificates?

I noticed a big pile of these gift certificates next torepparttar 117772 cash register. Obviously they were handing these freebies out to all their customers.

It's a very smart move. While $15 is a nice amount, my tab always comes to more. I'm sure that isrepparttar 117773 case for almost all their customers. Duringrepparttar 117774 cold, dark months of January and February when others restaurants have lots of empty tables, this little restaurant is packed with customers returning with their gift certificates. The amount deducted from each tab is considered a small price for havingrepparttar 117775 place filled during otherwise slow months.

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10 Stealthy Ways To Unearth Your Profits!

Written by Larry Dotson

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7. Sell torepparttar people that join your affiliate program. They are more likely to by your products because they are interested in selling them for commission.

8. Offer a deluxe product or service as an up sell or back end product. You won't have to create a totally new product just add on to your main one.

9. Tell people what they're thinking and feeling as they read your ad. Most people will actually do it. Your statements should help sell your product.

10. Make your product offer very rare. People perceive things that are rare as being more valuable. You could use a limited time offer or free bonuses.

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