Making $2000 on eBay, selling Silver Jewelry

Written by Apisith C.

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of time to packagerepparttar products. You should be receiving a shipment with allrepparttar 140597

products prepackged, in either plastic bags, or bubble wrap; so all you have to do

is sort them out, insert them into envelopes/boxes and mail them to your clients.

You can easily profit up to 200-300% of your buying cost, ie. buying a ring for

$3.00 and reselling it on ebay for $10. That is $7.00 profit, from just clicking

your mouse.

If you list 10 rings a day, it would be $70 In 30 days, for a total of 30 days,

that is $2100.00 ; minus 10% for ebay expenses and other costs; you would be left

with approximately $1900.00 This is onlyrepparttar 140598 minimum, by selling 10 rings / day.

You can list a lot more. There are other products too, such as earrings, bracelets,

pendants...and more. All of this; and more are profitable items.

A supplier that allows you to return items that are unsold, is your guarantee to

success. There is no real investment involved, if it does not work; just returnrepparttar 140599

items. However if it works, build on from there.

Mr. Apisith is founder/president of, An excellent resource for home businesses looking to start a silver jewelry retail business.

Selling Books from Home with Multi-Level Marketing

Written by Randy Wilson

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Other Multi-Level Marketing companies specialize in personalized childrenís books. Even though publishing has come a long way, some of these companies can have extremely high start up costs.

Many require you to purchase inventory and software. They train you to userepparttar software, but you have to choose how many of each title you will need and hope you are right. Some even require that you purchase a minimum number of each title, which can cause start up costs to run intorepparttar 140589 thousands and leave you with unused inventory.

But kids and parents love these books. Parents are always ready to buy a personalized book for their child to make them feel special. So, although you may incur steep start up costs for your book selling business, you should see a profit withinrepparttar 140590 year of business if you work hard.

Some of these MLM's are getting away from required inventory and cuttingrepparttar 140591 start up costs by allowing you to purchase a set of CDs so you can printrepparttar 140592 books digitally. The books stay on your computer and you print them off as needed. The parent company may require your home book business to purchaserepparttar 140593 paper and binding material from them to ensurerepparttar 140594 quality ofrepparttar 140595 books remain constant, but this is still cheaper and less bulky then ordering inventory.

You can print a bunch out as samples and have home parties. Many of these companies offer web sites in their packages. Even if they donít, web sites are essential and minimal in cost and many providers have generic templates to help you set up your web site. Personalized book companies give a suggested retail price, you are always able to change it as you feel is appropriate.

A book selling business is a great way to meet people of all ages and share your love for books with them. It can be worked as a full or part time career, depending on how much and how fast you want your business to grow.

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