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Written by Will Dylan

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Don’t Over-Commit – Many small businesses jump atrepparttar chance to buy ads at a volume discount, cutting their cost per ad buy purchasing 6 months to a year’s worth of advertising up front. Onrepparttar 100953 surface this may seem like a good way to maximize on your advertising dollars. However, if you’ve done a good job of targeting your potential customers, you may be purchasing too much advertising. It is said that it takes 7 messages from a company to getrepparttar 100954 average customer to act and actually purchase their product. As you define your target market more effectively (from pet websites to dogs to dog food), that number decreases, as you don’t need to do as much “convincing” to motivate a potential customer to purchase your product. Your advertising dollars, therefore, would be better spent in 3 month advertising programs. Afterrepparttar 100955 3 months, move to another website or magazine, and continue to rotate your ads to maximizerepparttar 100956 reach of your message.

Measure Your Results – Without tracking your ad responses and measuring your results, you’ll never know how well your ads are performing. It is critical to track your response rates, primarily thoughrepparttar 100957 use of tracking URLs. ( This URL will still direct surfers to your site but it will also capturerepparttar 100958 site from which they came, giving you some valuable feedback onrepparttar 100959 performance of your ad.

Many people measure ad placements, but this is onlyrepparttar 100960 beginning. You must also evaluate ad copy, timing, and layout. Ads may have seasonal fluctuations in responses rates and your potential customers may respond differently to a change in your ad copy. So keep a detailed tracking spreadsheet to record your ad response in all of these areas. This will give yourepparttar 100961 information you need to make informed decision about your small businesses advertising budget.

Will Dylan is the Author of “Small Business Big Marketing” a powerful e-book for small businesses available through his website . Will also offers article and news release writing services.

How To Model Your Own Moneymakers After Successful Headlines !

Written by Detlev Reimer

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4.) Emotional headline Example : "Discover how you can retire within just one year and relax at a white, tropical beach with a longdrink in your hand and no financial worries anymore!"

How do you transfer these existing headlines into your new moneymakers ?.. Most of these headlines follow certain rules which can be easily copied and replaced with your own ad information.

So ifrepparttar original headline is "How to build your first website without any knowledge of HTML ! " , you'll have :

- How to.........without

Change : ===> "How to save on your taxes without using illegal tricks !"

You haven't copiedrepparttar 100952 idea ofrepparttar 100953 original headline, justrepparttar 100954 structure behind it and that is no plagiarism ...! You'll find that over and over again in advertising. So why shouldn't you use this method, too ?

Or let's takerepparttar 100955 headlines ofrepparttar 100956 four examples above, you haverepparttar 100957 structures :

a.) - If you are not ....., and ......... , I'll ...........

Change : ==> "If you are absolutely not convinced of this product and you think it has not helped you , I'll refund you with three times ofrepparttar 100958 original price you paid for it."

b.) - Are you really .....(+Action) ! Change : ==> "Are You Really Making Enough Money In Your Present Job? Join Our Company XYZ And You'll Know What Our Co-Workers Earn...!"

c.) - I am ( and I really love Change : ==> "I am Mitch Cassidy And I Really Love This New Software Program by Software-Wiz - It's So Easy To Set Up, Even I, As A Computer "Newbie", Can Do This !"

d.) - Discover how .......and Change : ==> "Discover How You Can Start Your Own Home-Business And Earn Money From It In Less Than 30 days !"

Keep your headlines savely stored and categorized, and you will get new ideas anytime you need them. You don't even have to pay for it...

Article by Detlev Reimer. Feel free to use the article with these bylines included. Detlev has just finished creating his first product, a database program for Internet marketers which will help you to save and organize e.g. your advertising, customer and contact data. For further details, please visit : . Sign up for his newsletter at .

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