Make the Media Your Friend

Written by Sue and Chuck DeFiore

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Another way to work withrepparttar media is to write a column. Go to a local paper, no matter how small, and offer to write a column on your area of expertise or on business in general. Don't ask to be paid for it, and promise not to promote your company. You won't need to - your byline, words (and maybe even photograph) will do that.

Just recently we did a review for a former newspaper publisher on his book on how to write a press release and generally dealing withrepparttar 117403 media. He's promised us a finished copy. Once we get it and re-read it, we'll let you know more.

So develop a relationship withrepparttar 117404 media, and watch your business soar.

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Get DVD Players, Playstation 2, Big Screen TV's and More For Pennies On The Dollar

Written by John McTighe

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4. Make sure you examinerepparttar item you are looking to buy and I would not offer anything above 40% ofrepparttar 117402 retail price no matter how good of a conditionrepparttar 117403 item is in. There are just too many motivated sellers out there.

5. Enjoy! I have purchased THOUSANDS of dollars in consumer goods overrepparttar 117404 years that I have kept myself or resold for an average profit of 100$-1100% in some cases. You can too.

Bonus Tip: Afterrepparttar 117405 holidays are VERY good times to buy consumer electronics at excellent prices due torepparttar 117406 fact that items are being returned andrepparttar 117407 person may not be able to returnrepparttar 117408 item torepparttar 117409 store of purchase if they don't have a gift return slip or perhapsrepparttar 117410 item was purchased by a realative out of town.

Or mayberepparttar 117411 person is just unhappy withrepparttar 117412 gift and would rather get rid of it and get a few dollars cash instead.

I purchased a snow blower this way and it was an $850 snow blower from Sears, still inrepparttar 117413 box. I bought it for $250.

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