Make a dried flower wall decoration

Written by Janice Wee

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Forrepparttar frame, cut outrepparttar 148960 inside ofrepparttar 148961 frame so you just haverepparttar 148962 outer frame intact. Now gluerepparttar 148963 outer frame torepparttar 148964 backing.

Your half bowl will berepparttar 148965 flower basket. Glue that flower basket torepparttar 148966 backing ofrepparttar 148967 frame, with plenty of space aboverepparttar 148968 bowl for your dried flowers. Wait forrepparttar 148969 glue to set.

Gluerepparttar 148970 florist foam torepparttar 148971 inside of your flower basket. Wait forrepparttar 148972 glue to set.

Then arrange your dried flowers intorepparttar 148973 flower basket, securingrepparttar 148974 flowers intorepparttar 148975 florist foam.

You're done. Hang up your dried flower wall hanging for everyone to see.

Here is another project using dried flowers

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Tippi™ Fingertip Grips™ Put Traction and Comfort In Reach

Written by John Jordan

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Tippi™ Fingertip Grips™ come in many color and size choices. Pink, Blue, Light Green, and Clear colored grips come in six sizes ranging from Extra Small to Double Extra Large. They are packaged in appealing and informative blister packaging or re-sealable units. VWP, Inc. has a distribution plan and channels in place to quickly get products fromrepparttar docks to both distributors and individual retail merchant locations acrossrepparttar 148959 United States. ###

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John is a freelance commercial writer based in Omaha, Nebraska. He publishes a free monthly e-zine focusing on branding, advertising, and marketing from his web site http:// Speaking with both agency and in-house experience, he knows the most valuable asset of a business is its brand.

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